Girls’ “Lock In” on May 2nd at 7:30 p.m.

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I don’t know where to begin this beautiful day. After the rains last week, Sunday was such a beautiful day as is today. Will we have a repeat of the last few years, not really much spring time, just go right into the hot summer but it sure is nice now. So many have gotten the fever to do gardens and yard work Our plants are looking good (still in the pots), but will soon enjoy the rich dirt. What a great day Easter Sunday was. So many I’ve talked to said it was one of the best times with family and in church….our church was packed. We had to bring out extra seats. What a blessing!

So many family members as well as visitors. Thank you Lord.   I think Mary Beacham had about seven or eight of her family members, as did Jackie Bell and Eleanor Johnson,  as well as others and I was so happy to have Curtis and Roxana with us since last Thursday. They just left today and what a joy it is to have them. Our music program was good. The choir specials “Looking for a City” and “Amazing Grace” were good. With the specials, Ruby Guinn sang a beautiful version of “Written in Red”, Jordan Busbee, “Alabaster Box”,  Caleb Bell sang “Rise Again” and I sang “That Impossible Mile”.   Then to top it all off, what joy during the alter call when Bennie and Martha Dooley came forward to join our church family. I know tears were shed, or I know I had tears of joy.

We are so happy to have this couple with us and we promise our love and any way we can be of help. We truly love our church family. There were no services on Sunday night, giving each family special time with their family.  So many homes were filled with out of town family and heavy laden tables. I know my table was ful! We celebrated our Easter dinner, egg hunt festivities on Saturday with Gayle and Jimmy Holmes,  Trae, Amber and Ariel Holmes,  Susanne, Eric, Bailey and Anna Bell,  Curtis and Roxana Arwood but we sure missed Jill and Mark and Chuck and Leah. I received a blessing on Sunday morning. I went to Rainbow to pick up a newspaper before Sunday School,  met three gentlemen.  They invited me to church at Apalachee.

I told them I was on my way to my church and my heart was thrilled when I told them where I went they said they had been praying for our church and the problems in the building.God bless each of you. Cindy and Steve Smith recently took a road trip to Mississippi. I didn’t ask where, but I’m sure they visited Marie Cagle. We miss her coming to Georgia. Butch will be teaching an Apologetics Seminar this coming Saturday night at Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Monroe. I think I understood that it’s especially good for the younger adults.   Oh, I’m praying for nice warm weather this Saturday. This is our big fund raiser and Lord, we need nice weather. Our half chicken barbecue with slaw, chips, baked beans, bread, dessert and a drink will be at the shelter at Heritage Park we do have some tickets available and I’m sure you can purchase them on that morning $8.00 for all that good food.

Really, you can have two meals off this plate.   Come and help support our building fund, as I’ve mentioned there is still lots to do to the new building.   We start serving around 11:00.. and we will have home made cakes for sale. Did you notice the beautiful azaleas and Easter lily’s in our church on Sunday. I’m sure those azaleas, dark pink and white arrangement on the piano came out of Miss Ellie’s yard. She does a fantastic job furnishing and placing our flowers. Haven’t mentioned Clarke Kesler’s Music Show recently. I didn’t have any information. But this week I do. Troy and Tammy Burns will be with him at Maysville Methodist Church this Thursday night at 7 p.m.    Folks,  Clarke does this every week and it’s great.

You can sing yourself, just tell him that part begins at 6 p.m. This Saturday night at the ABC Auction Keith Arnold, the meat man will be back bring your coolers and stock up on your meat and vegetables, starts at 6 p.m. The girls are looking forward to a “Lock In” on May 2.  Meet at the church at 7:30 p.m. and please bring some snacks with you.  Girls of all ages are invited. We wish a special birthday for Cindy Jackson on the 28,  David Busbee the 29th,  and in May, Betty McDaniel on the 2.   Always pray for our sick and shut in’s,  Lou and Jessie Comans,  O. L. Jordan, Patsy Greene, the Walker’s, Charles Johnson, Roger Bottoms, Elanor and Felix Brunot, so many. Lord, you know who they are. Our Military, our great Nation, and for each other. As we face the future, “never underestimate the power of tomorrow”.  So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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