God was glorified in hearts

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I was so happy that the people who were planning to have the Sunrise services Sunday did not get washed out. Praise God! When the sun came peeping out through the trees here at home I was so glad. I prayed that some souls might be saved. We didn’t get to go to any service. I was told that the various churches that had the cantatas had a wonderful service. Easter is so special because we think of the Risen Christ! Margaret Bell had about 75 Sunday for lunch. Everyone brings some food and it is made so good and easy.

Allen Harris from Tallassee, Fla. Came to see Dudney and Patsy Harris. He is Dudney’s son. Donna and Johnny Johnston from Louisiana are here visiting Chuck and Miriam Foster. Donna is the Fosters’ daughter. Christie White came to Athens to see her grandmother and mother for Easter. Harrison Smith had a birthday on April 21; I hope you had a happy birthday! Don’t forget the fish fry at Lake Ocoee Baptist Chapel on April 26 at 5 p.m. It will be great! All the wrestling fans be sure to watch out or the second Saturday night when there will be wrestling at the skating rink in Buckhead. Doors open at 5 p.m. Wrestling begins at 6 p.m. It cost $8 for adults and $6 for children. On April 18 there was a special day. It was Beverly Bentley’s birthday.

She is my oldest daughter. Happy belated birthday Beverly! It was also the birthday of the late Grayson White. When the sun arose with its brightness on the water on beautiful Lake Oconee the 100 people gathered there had a feeling of awe as they had for all of the 25 years that the service had been held at the home of the Hickmans. It started when Lamar Hickman was alive in 1988. Hattie and Lamar had just the right spot. It was a beautiful home that faced up the lake, but the sun came from across the lake over some trees in the east. The crowd often sat in chairs out from the garage where there was a good view.

They sang songs, heard scripture read, and heard a short sermon about Easter and the meaning of this day. Any unsaved person should be greatly moved in their hearts and under conviction. For all of the years that Lamar lived from 1988 until he passed away in July 2009 he was a part of the Sunrise service. His health kept him from being an active part but nevertheless he was a part of it. So on Sunday, April 20 the 25th Sunrise service was held at the home of the Hickmans. One hundred people came to worship and enjoy the risen Savior. God was glorified in hearts. May they go out from there in worship and seeking souls for the Risen Savior.

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