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On April 20 a neighbor’s dispute was reported at a Weaver Jones Road, Rutledge, location. According to reports, a deputy responded to a gun shots complaint. When he arrived he was told by the complainant’s that a neighbor had fired 10 rifle rounds and that the complainant had heard one of the rounds “whizzing” overhead. The deputy spoke with the neighbor who reported that her son had been sighting a rifle into a dirt berm on the property. The neighbor also said that there had been similar complaints between the two entities in the past.

On April 20 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Mallard Court location. According to reports, a man stated that a woman had stayed at his residence for a few hours and after she left he noticed that he was missing 13 morphine pills. The man said the woman is possibly in Colorado at the present. A day later the deputy received a phone call from the complainant in which the complainant stated that he had received 10 of the pills from the woman via the U.S. mail. The man said the woman also included a note stating that she was sorry and that she had attempted to sell the pills in order to finance a move to Florida.

On April 19 Steven Michael Robinson, 32, Conyers, was arrested and held for an outstanding warrant out of Rockdale County. According to reports, Robinson was held after authorities responded to a domestic disturbance complaint at a Monticello Road residence. Reports state that a woman at the residence alleged that Robinson struck her. Robinson and another female at the residence disputed the woman’s claim. Reports state that the complainant appeared intoxicated at the time and that deputies returned to the location at 3:20 a.m. because the complainant had allegedly threatened to leave the location with a 4-month-old child. A deputy took the complainant’s car keys and returned them several hours later.

On April 17 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Fairplay Street, Rutledge, location. According to reports, a woman stated that someone had removed several heating and air conditioning components from a unit under her rental house.

On April 17 an animal complaint was filed at Heidi Trial, Buckhead location. According to reports, a deputy stated that when he arrived at the location he observed three horses running loose in the complainant’s back yard. The deputy said he contacted a man who brought a horse trailer to the location and was able to capture and contain two of the horses but the third horse remained on the loose. Reports state that attempts to contact the Oconee Road owners of the horses failed.

On April 17 a lost horse complaint was filed at a Blue Springs Road location. According to reports, a man stated that he was missing his 1-year-old mini black pony with a green halter. On April 17 a fraudulent telephone solicitation and harassing phone call complaint was filed at a Jines Wood Lane, Good Hope location. According to reports, a woman said she received a call from a person who said they were with “Card Services.” The person, the woman said, knew “a lot” of information about her and her family and said they could lower her credit card bills. The woman said she did provide a second person credit card numbers and was told she was about to be charged $890 for the company’s services. The woman said she told the person no and hung up. The woman said the person has called back 15 times from a blocked number and once from 383 313 3975. The woman said she has received taped messages from the person demanding that they call back and once spoke to a person and told them that she felt like the service was a fraud.

On April 17 Jeremiah William Laymon, 31, Covington, was arrested and charged with driving with suspended license, failure to dim headlights, possession of schedule III narcotics, prescription drugs not in their original container and possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute. According to reports, a vehicle Laymon was driving south on Monticello Highway was stopped near the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office for allegedly not dimming its headlights. After the stop, reports state, a deputy located suspected methamphetamine and narcotics in an Altoid mints box in the center console of the vehicle. On April 16 a fraudulent telephone solicitation and theft by deception complaint was filed at a Blue Springs Court location. According to reports, an 80-year-old man said he received a phone call from a man claiming to be Jeremiah Goodwin from Ft. Lauderdale Fla. The caller said he was the complainant’s grandson’s attorney and that the grandson had been arrested on DUI charges relating to a wreck. The caller said that a judge in the case had agreed to release the grandson if someone would wire $1,800 to the victim of the wreck in Beruit, Lebanon. The man said another man then got on the phone pretending to be his grandson and thanking him in advance for helping him. The man said he wired the money to the Beruit location and then called his grandson to make sure everything was fine. The grandson told the complainant that he was still in Quantico, Va. at the U.S. Marines base and that he had never been arrested. The man said return calls to the supposed attorney went directly to voicemail.

On April 16 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Confederate Road location. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone had removed the valve stems from her front and rear tires, allowing the tires to go flat, and then had replaced the valve stems. The woman later called and said that she had taken the tires to a tire store and had been told that the tires had been cut. The woman said she suspects her sister of cutting the tires.

On April 15 a simple battery and affray complaint was filed at Morgan County Middle School, Pearl Street. According to reports, a teacher reported that while two 12-year-old girls were fighting in her classroom she attempted to stop the fight and that one of the girls pushed the teacher. On April 15 a harassing communication complaint was filed at a Shadow Lake Drive, Buckhead location. According to reports, a man said that two months ago he befriended a woman on a gaming website. That friendship then led to Facebook, the man said. Three weeks ago the woman allegedly began sending child pornography to his friends on Facebook via email. The man said he asked the woman to stop the activity and the woman allegedly agreed to stop if the man would wire $500 to her uncle in the Philippines.

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