Meth-ing around

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It’s terrible when an honest mistake makes you the laughing stock of your friends, family, coworkers, or – even worse – your enemies. In this day of technological communication, which allows data and information to fly across the globe at nearly the speed of light, countless millions of strangers now also can get quick and easy access to the biggest blunders of the day. Fortunately for all of us – as we are all apt to make human mistakes – the sheer abundance of casual information also has a way of acting as a deluge, washing the memories of yesterday into the ditches of the internet’s forgotten links. Even the printed struggles to grasp onto the roots at the bank of the river of knowledge, and Nunnsense is far from immune to the terrible forces of superficiality.

But back to the blunder. Kevin Hughes, of Fort Mill, S.C. had the old standard nightmare that has haunted many humans since Adam was first given the fig leaf. He dreamed that he was naked in public, except he also dreamed that he was in a Walmart and that he still had his shoes on. (Indeed, I’d give up almost every element of my clothing while walking through a Walmart before I’d relinquish my shoes) When the man awoke, however, there was something strange about reality. Yes, in fact the man was naked down to his ankles in a Tega Cay, S.C., Walmart, not knowing exactly how he got there or where his clothes were.

Now, I hope that you out there in Readerland would not suspect me of making fun of someone who couldn’t help their condition and ended up in this shape through no fault of their own. Indeed, after Hughes pondered the issue for a spell, he came up with a quite reasonable explanation for his circumstances. “I accidentally got methamphetamine… and it really made me crazy,” explained Hughes to WSOC-TV. He elaborated on the point, by noting that he has had problems with drugs “in the past” but that he still likes to do ecstasy every now-and-again. Hughes simply thought that he was taking ecstasy when, in reality, he was taking meth. Yes, that clears the matter up quite nicely. The cops then attempted to clear Hughes’ head by leaving him in the slammer overnight. Now that he is having to face the reality of what he has done, Hughes claims that he intends to move to a different town, claiming that people in Fort Mill don’t quite look at him the same way anymore. Hmm. I wonder why.

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