MCES Relay event raises more than $1,600

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

Morgan County Elementary School (MCES) held their annual Relay For Life Marketplace fundraiser on Apr. 17. Jennifer Evans, MCES’s Relay for Life chairwoman and third grade teacher, said the she was overwhelmed by the support of students, parents and community members. The marketplace sale yielded over $1600, and an additional $700 was raised through Fifth Grade Teacher Scott Anderson’s cancer survival bracelets. Anderson had his students make and sell color-coded bracelets to symbolize different kinds of cancer in the weeks leading up to the fundraiser. All proceeds will be donated to Relay for Life.

Every year, MCES hosts a marketplace consisting of donated items from the community and “products” crafted by students to raise money for Relay for Life, a charity for cancer research and care. The mock-marketplace always serves an economic lesson for MCES students.

“We try to make it as education as we can. We teach economic principles through the Georgia standard and we get to do it for a good cause. The kids learn about pricing, products, wages, and marketing,” said Evans. “Each classroom had to come up with their own product or service, advertise it, and sell it.” Students, parents and community members showed up on April 17 to show their support for the school and Relay for Life. Evans estimated that over 1,000 people attended the event. Evans said the most popular items, by far, were the survival bracelet’s from Anderson’s class.

The bracelets are color-coded to represent different kinds of cancer and honor cancer victims. “They keep selling out. And we keep taking more orders for them,” said Evans. Evans was impressed with how seriously the students took this fundraiser. “They have been so excited. They want to keep going.

They have even given up their recess to do this,” said Evans. “They are learning so much more than the economic standards, they are learning how to be good citizens.” The next Relay for Life event in Morgan County will be on May 9 at the Morgan County High School’s DuPree Track and Field at 6 p.m. Cancer survivors and supporters will do laps around the track and there will be an array of merchandise and food. “It’s to honor those who have had cancer or lost someone who was lost to cancer,” said Evans. “It is a huge event and it is a wonderful event.”

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