Monticello Yard Sale on Saturday, May 3rd

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Seems I like to talk about the weather. Am I getting old or what?   But have we not been having beautiful weather, just enough breeze to feel comfortable but how long will this last before we go into steamy hot days? Loving it right now.  I think I heard the  report that we might get some rough weather and that will be bad on our little young tender plants already coming up in our gardens.  It was a beautiful weekend and a great day at church visitors, we appreciate you so much. I hope you are richly blessed by our services. Oh Sunday Butch took his message from Colossians 1:9-13, PRAYING FOR THE CHURCH.

Do we pray for our church family as much as we should, I think not; we all fall short of doing this.  As a corporal body and as an individual do we live the kind of life that would make God proud of us.  Verse 3 tells us, We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you.  We should be consistent in our prayers and pray without ceasing.  We need to be content and let God know our desires and what we need to know the knowledge of God’s will.

We need a purpose for prayer.  Paul had a goal in mind when you begin to pray. Live a pleasing life for the Lord and this will lead you to a life of obedience. This being our fourth Sunday night, we had no worship service. This is the time of month we celebrate our monthly birthdays with cake, coffee and ice cream. We had a beautiful and profitable day on Saturday for our annual chicken barbecue.

Even with all the other, I think there were six fund raisers in the area, we still sold out completely. Our congregation wants to thank all those that purchased tickets  and made this a successful day also, thank you to all our faithful workers. Those who donated home made cakes to sell, those that donated the chickens, beans, slaw, chips, bread, all the paper products, and to those men that got there so early to start cooking. We can never say how grateful we are to have such a devoted group.

Flags were placed on the Confederate graves in the Madison Cemetery as well as other cemeteries in the county by the Sons of Confederate Veterans from the Captain Charles Baldwin Camp.  Three graves were flagged in the Sugar Creek Cemetery. Those being the graves of Issac Crow, Thomas A. Harmon and J. H. Hebbard. Last Saturday the 26th was Confederate Memorial Day. Thank you Bobby Bumgarner for the contribution to my column and to the county.  Last Saturday Martha and Bennie Dooley and Tommy and Pam Thomason went up to Dahlonega  for the “Bear on the Square” mountain festival. Tommy does this every year and sits and picks with a large group of volunteer pickers. They had a great time.

It was good to see that Tommy and Pam stayed over and came to church on Sunday. I want to send my sincere sympathy to the family of Wendy Crowe. To Phillip and Sandra and other members I send my love. I, too, spent a good part of my life growing up in Stone Mountain and I knew Wendy’s parents from way back. She will be missed. Alice and Jack and other members of the Waddell family had a great time at the yearly Waddell reunion on Saturday at Yargo State Park in Winder.   Maudie Buice visited and had lunch with us one day last week.

Since Alfred died I was afraid that she would be moving back to Ocala.  But she says as long a her health holds out she’ll stay in Monticello, made my heart glad. Speaking of Monticello, this Saturday the 3 of May is the date of the big yard sale on the streets in the city of Monticello and within the city limits. Maudie will have a sale in her yard at 517 Madison Road or Highway 83.  Also this Saturday night will be the gospel sing at the Oakley Gospel Barn on Upper Harmony Road. The Whitehall Singers will be the guest singers and I understand there will be food. Jan and Allen would love to see you.  Down at Crawfordville and the ABC Auction Curtis Hindman will be the dealer with a load of miscellaneous items. Eat with Pat in the snack bar beginning at 4:30. We had a nice visit from Bennie and Martha on Friday. She brought me some nice dill plants for my herb garden, thank you.

Those beautiful flowers in our church were grown by Eleanor Johnson and the roses were breath taking.  Girls, don’t forget! This Friday night is the “Girl’s Lock In”.  Meet at 7:30 for pizza at the church and remember to bring extra snacks. We wish a special birthday for Cindy Jackson today (Monday).

Our May birthdays, Betty McDaniel on the 2nd.   Alyssa Waddell on the 7th.  Happy anniversary to Lisa and Bobby Allen the 4th. Special birthday wishes for my precious friend, Glyn Shackelford on the 3rd. When you pray, remember our sick and shut in’s,  Lou and Jessie Comans,  O. L. Jordan, Patsy Greene, the Walkers, Charles Johnson, Roger Bottoms, Elanor and Felix Brunot, so many. Lord, you know who they are: our Military, our great Nation, and for each other. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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