Rec Department Consignment Sale

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Morgan County Recreational Department put on a Kid’s Consignment sale on April 10-12. Seventy-four cosigners registered an array of clothes, toys, bikes, and household items to sell at the event. The sale raised a little over $2,000 for recreation department, according to Chris Sides, the program supervisor for the Recreational Department. “I think it was well attended, I think it could be better, though. But the numbers were about the same as our fall sale,” said Sides. Sides wants to explore different ways to market future sales and retaining more cosigners for the sales. “If you are interested in consigning, just give a recreation department a call because we are going to try to do another sale in September.

We want people to get involved early,” said Sides. The Recreational Department keeps 30 percent of the sales and 70 percent goes to the consignors. If the consignors volunteered to work a shift at the sale, they receive up to 15 percent more in sales. The Recreational Department hosts two consignment sales a year and uses the money to fund recreational activities and equipment for the department.

Sides believes the Recreational Department provides an important service for the community. “We want to make sure that our youth has a place to play all kinds of different sports and attend day camps. We want to give recreational opportunities to the people of Morgan County,” said Sides.

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