Rutledge Garden Club participates in County Wide Clean Up

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By Leila Dycus intern

On Saturday April 26, members of the Rutledge Garden Club gathered at the town fire department to participate in the Morgan County Wide Clean Up. The Rutledge group was the largest group that came together on Saturday to participate in the event. “I like to give back to the community,” said Garden Club Member Frankie Beers. “There are a lot of things that I can’t do but this is one thing that I can. I just love Rutledge.” Frankie Beers coordinated the Rutledge group by sending out emails to Garden Club members and other friends of hers.

Many people had scheduling conflicts and were not able to attend said Beers. The county clean up took place on the same day as many other events, including Madison Fest. Beers and her husband Jerry gathered the group and instructed them that they were going to break off into groups of two and tackle the town’s streets. Claudia and Tony Sells would be one team, Joellen Artz and Carol Stapp were another team and Frankie and Jerry Beers made up the other team. After passing out gloves, trash bags, vests and trash pick up sticks, the teams decided on which roads they would tackle. The roads that the group decided to focus on were 278 East and West, Newborn Road, Fairplay Street and if time allowed, Dixie Highway.

The groups would start and work their way out to the city limits. If anyone were to get tired or needed to go back to their cars for any reason they could tie up their bag and leave it on the side of the road to be picked up later. The group would reconvene at the fire department and would celebrate the day of service with lunch at The Caboose. “I think we need to take pride in our community,” said Beers.

The Rutledge Group was part of others in the county that joined together to clean up Morgan County. Leslie Brandt, a Morgan County employee said that two other people in Buckhead also participated in the event. Brandt continued by saying that this is the first year in at least seven years that the county has done anything like this. The County Clean Up was advertised in the newspaper and flyers were also put up to advertise the event.

Brandt went on the say that the county also contacted area clubs, the schools, 4-H, and different homeowners associations to try and get more people involved. The county has decided that if they do it again next year we won’t do it at the same time. Initially, the county expected 14 people but there ended up only being six. The low number of helpers is attributed to the other events such as Madison Fest and spring break that were going on at the same time.

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