The Resurrected Church and the Power of the Holy Ghost

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Greetings from The Springs! The weekend was simply perfect. The great weather allowed the men of USBC to get lots of work completed on the pavilion. This is how Pastor T described the day. The men were outside working, the women were inside cooking, the master chefs were grilling, the counselors were counselling and the Lord was moving! As I said, it was a perfect day! We were able to resume our series on fasting during Wednesday Night Bible Study.

We looked at the results of fasting focusing on Isaiah 58: 8-12. Fasting breaks any temptation or sin that hinders you. Another result is that you will recover from sickness and your health will come quickly. Even protection is granted to you especially in a court case. Pastor Terrell went on to show how, with fasting, the Lord answers you when you call and you can receive direction in the midst of adversity. Here’s one that many should consider, particularly during the recent economic challenges.

The promise is that your spring will not dry out. In other words, you will still have more than enough. Now that is something to shout about! Now guess who has been busy, busy, busy? Minister Derrick Worrell is the one. Last Friday night, he preached the final day of the Wallace Grove Spring Youth Revival. Next, on Sunday, Pastor Cosby called him to preach down in Greensboro. I don’t have much info on his sermons, but I will let you know when I talk with him.

Here is more good news. Let me share with you that Monet LaDiedra Roberts will graduate from the prestigious institution of Ga Tech on May 3, 2014 with a degree in Biomedical Engineering with High Honors. Commencement Ceremonies will be held at The Tech Coliseum at 9:00 am.

I’m sure that you remember that this talented young lady in the granddaughter of Sister Willie Ann Johnson and you can’t imagine how proud she is of her! Ms. Roberts’ next stop will be at Cornell University in New York. Pastor Terrell recognized her on Sunday and the church is as equally delighted with her accomplishments. We were given another message on the Resurrection on the Sunday. Pastor Terrell led us to the first and second chapters of Acts as he talked about witnessing. After you believe the Resurrection and confess with your mouth that you want Jesus to be Lord and Savior of your life, you are to go and tell of Jesus.

In Acts 1:8, Jesus sent them first to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria before going out to the “uttermost part of the earth” for a reason. Those places were their homelands. That is where they were from, and we also need to go first to our families and witness to them. There are people in your family that need to know that Jesus did indeed rise again. After that, we are to go out to other areas.

Jesus makes it very clear that witnessing is not about you. It is not about your pastor or your sanctuary either. All that Jesus asks you to do is go and witness. Really, it is a command. Here is something that to consider that Pastor Terrell stated. The sin of omission is greater than the sin of commission. Remember that Judgment Day will not concern your sins that were forgiven or be about condemning you. Instead, it will be about what you did with the power that Jesus gave to you.

All that He asks is for us to go witness. It is all about Him! The next part of the sermon focused on two main things needed for miracles to happen in the church. The first one Pastor Terrell mentioned was is we need to be baptized with the Holy Ghost. The other one is unity. In the first two chapters of Acts, over and over again Scripture reveals that they were filled with the Holy Ghost and that they were in unity. Now, Pastor Terrell emphasized that unity is very important for the church.

There is great power in unity. The main ways we stay on one accord are praying, worshipping, studying, fellowshipping and praising together. In addition, were need to break bread together and celebrate one another’s victories. As we keep in mind that all that they did in the New Testament church, we can do the same. We can do miracles in the resurrected church with the power of the Holy Ghost! Glory Be To God! T. Adrienne Terrell

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