Top level of Avado parking deck closed after structural issues discovered

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The top level of the Avado parking deck was closed Friday night after structural issues were discovered on the right front corner of the structure. Madison City Manager David Nunn stated Tuesday that there is “not an immediate danger” of collapse, but that the city decided to close the upper deck until the owner, Patrick Reams, was able to have professionals inspect the structure.

Nunn said that the issue was brought to his attention on Friday, April 25, when it was discovered that there were broken stress panels at one end of the structure. He stated that it was “anybody’s guess” as to when the damage occurred or how long it took the panels to break, so it was not possible to determine whether the changes that caused the damage occurred suddenly. Nunn added that the bottom half of the parking garage remains open for public use. “We just decided that someone needed to do something about it,” said Nunn.

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