We always know who holds tomorrow

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Sunday morning was the beginning of Revival. We had good attendance with members and visitors. It was good to see each one present; some were out because of jobs and sickness. We hope all will be where they can be with us soon. The service was opened with the call to worship and announcements, welcome and Joe Brown was the deacon of he week and opened with prayer.

The choir’s special was “there’s Gonna be a Great Day.” Rev. Hoyt Johnson, guest speaker brought the morning message, “Gospel of a Changed Life,” John 9: 1-12. Jesus can and will put lives back together. What is the gospel according to you? If someone asks us where Jesus is and we tell them? People need to get on fire for God and be concerned about lost people. Sometimes we forget communication goes two ways – God is a loving God, He comes within us to stay. We all need hope that we can find in Jesus. With you, where is God today? Sunday night at 6 p.m. attendance was good. Specials in music, Kittie Mayfield played the accordion, Peggy Harper sang, “Common Garments,” James and Caitlin Butler sang, “I Have Come by the Way of the Cross.” Bro. Johnson’s message was, “A Great Drifting Away,” Hebrews 2: 1-4. We never know what tomorrow holds, but we always know who holds tomorrow.

One thing to remember the road that leads you away from God, that same road will lead you back to Him. We all need to be lifting Jesus up in our churches singing the Old rugged Cross He is able to deliver you from whatever you have done. Turn back to Him now before it’s too late. We were truly blessed Sunday to have Preacher Hoyt and Dot Johnson with us and Preacher Hoyt bringing the morning and evening messages. We welcome them to come anytime.

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) placed flags on graves at Madison City Cemetery and some other cemeteries around the county in remembrances of Confederate Day, which was April 26. Thursday, May 1 the Morgan County Baptist Association Brotherhood will meet at New Hope Baptist Church at 7 p.m. Executive Committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. Looking ahead: On May 17 the Morgan County Senior Adult Banquet will be held at Buckhead Baptist Church at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish. Margie Ward visited Ozell Moss Monday morning at Morgan Memorial TCU. Tuesday, Marge Ward spent most of the day with her sister, Alice Cheatham and nephew Donald Cheatham.

Thursday afternoon Margie ward was among many to visit with the families and friends of Wendy Crowe and Terrell Jackson at A. E. Carter Funeral Home. Friday morning Carol ward, Mary Ward and Margie Ward attended the funeral of Terrell Jackson at A. E. Carter Funeral Home. Our Christian sympathy goes out to his family during this time, knowing they will trust God for all their needs for the days weeks and months ahead. Millie McNair, Lynda Knowles, Connie Malone, Esther Atkinson, Sara Jones, Miriam Shatterly and Kittie Mayfield enjoyed their visit to Fripp Island, Hunting Island, Port Royal and Beaufort, South Carolina.

They also enjoyed excellent seafood meals at the Boondocks on St. Helena’s Island. Jason, Matt and Scott Shatterly and Omri of Hawaii and Marcia Brooks visited Kittie Mayfield Saturday, April 26. Jason and family and service dog Omri will join his wife Dea soon in Alaska, where she is employed in the medical field in Fairbanks. Julie Phillips visited Margie Ward Sunday afternoon. Thursday May 1 is National Day of Prayer.

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