Arrests made in ‘Gangster’ beatings

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By Patrick Yost editor

Two days of gun violence and beatings ended with the arrests of several people, including a group that allegedly have affiliated themselves with a gang known as “Gangster Disciples.” According to Det. Wes Thompson, Madison Police Department, the wave of beatings and shootings started with an encounter on Vine Street on Monday, April 28. Reports state that at approximately 4 p.m. a 17–year–old male said he was approached by a group of men that he “identified as g.d. (Gangster Disciples) street gang while the male was walking on Vine Street. The victim said one of the men struck him several times in the face, kneed him twice and choked him three times until he passed out. The victim said he attempted to flee but was grabbed again and choked. The victim said the night before the same man had approached him near his residence at Madison Villas, forced him behind the apartment complex at gunpoint and accused him of being involved in a theft.

Later on Monday, reports state, an 18-year-old man said that while he was a passenger in a vehicle that pulled into the entrance of Orchard Grove Apartments, the vehicle was surrounded by a group of people “who identify themselves as Gangster Disciples” and the man was forced from the car, taken behind an apartment building and beaten and robbed. Reports state that several people participated in beating the man and at least two persons held a pistol on the man while he was attacked. The man told police that the group took $200 and a phone from him. The man suffered contusions to the head and a busted lip, reports state. A witness reported that the suspects involved in the beating were driving a black Dodge Charger and a blue BMW with an Air Jordan decal on the back window.

On Tuesday, April 29 officers responded to a shooting complaint at P&J convenience store, East Washington Street at approximately 7:45 p.m.. According to reports, a man in a gold SUV had interactions with the driver of a blue BMW and then the man in the SUV fired several shots at the BMW, striking the vehicle at least once, reports state. Both vehicles left the area before police arrived. At 9:30 p.m. “several” shots were fired into a Madison Villas apartment, Bramblewood Drive and one man was struck in the back.

Reports state that several men were playing video games in the apartment when bullets ripped through the front window. The injured man was treated and released at Morgan Memorial Hospital. On Wednesday, officers in a “coordinated, multi-jurisdictional effort to secure wanted individuals,” said Lt. Colin Campbell, Madison Police Department, launched a quick pre–dawn roundup of suspects and made four arrests of individuals allegedly involved in the Orchard Grove robbery and beating. Timothy Chester, 23, Madison, was arrested on Tuesday night in Walton County on a misdemeanor marijuana charge and was held for Madison authorities by Walton County authorities. Chester, along with his sister Tashi Chester, 27, Madison; Crystal Broadnax, 22, Madison; Donta Robertson, 23, Bostwick and Frankie Lynn Brown, 32, Madison all face felony armed robbery and battery charges. On Thursday officers arrested Maurice Jackson–Ingram, 22, Madison and charged him with one count of aggravated assault in relation to the P&J Convenience store shooting. According to Thompson, Jackson is related to the man who was beaten on Vine Street and, allegedly was seeking revenge against the group involved. Thompson said officers recovered a .380 caliber pistol from Jackson–Ingram. Thompson said authorities are continuing to investigate the crimes and, he said, fully expect to make more arrests in relation to both the Orchard Grove beating, the Vine Street beating and the Madison Villas shooting.

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