Mother’s Day ideas from Bizz Buzz, with hot filming news

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Somebody help us! Momma’s ain’t playin’! She got her one of them race cars and went to Talladega! I mean she’s got on a red racin’ suit with matchin’ helmet and handbag! Plus her car is aptly named White Lightnin’ cause it runs on Georgia Moon Shine! Lord keep us all outta the jailhouse. Amen! Well I reckon we’d better head to Alabama! Whew! Talladega sure is loud with all this racin’ racket! Don’t look now but Momma’s in the line up! POW! There off! She’s headin’ into the curve! CRUNCH! FLIP! It’s a miracle! She’s walkin’ away without a ding dang scratch!

The car’s a wreck but her handbag is flat intact! Yes! Fashion wins again! Come on Momma. Let’s head back to Georgia for a proper Morgan County Mother’s Day! Honey y’all have got to check out the Mother’s Day page in this week’s Morgan County Citizen! There’s never been a better time to celebrate Mother’s Day and y’all trust me: Momma wants a real nice Mother’s Day gift and she wants to go out to eat! Yes! Honey Amelia’s has flat got a 25% sale and LilyBeth’s in Rutledge is flat sellin’ scarves and jewelry for 25% off! But that ain’t all y’all! Wes Holt wants all y’all to bring Momma and the whole family over to Mommies and Poppies over at the Sunflower Farm in Rutledge this Saturday and Sunday! Honey Joelen Artz of LilyBeth’s is gonna help out stockin’ the Sharecroppers house with all kinds of gardenin’ goodies too! Plus there is gonna be some delicious food! And, speakin’ of food y’all . . . Our local restaurants are goin’ all out for Mother’s Day!

The Madison Chop House Grille has a special deal and so does Perk Avenue! Ricardo’s is even doin’ a full blown Mother’s Day buffet on Sunday! Y’all check out all the ads on the mother’s day page for more info! Madison Main Street Director Ann Huff wanted me to remind all y’all that the Welcome Center has moved to Town Park Cottage and will remain there through the month of May while the Hollywood movie people film Goosebumps! Ann wants y’all to please send all visitors to the Town Park Cottage for restrooms or tourism information until further notice. Oh and signage at the Chamber of Commerce will direct visitors toward Town Park too. THIS IS NOT A TEST. WE INTERUPT THIS BIZ BUZZ FOR AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. A little bitty birdy just told me a that a whole bunch of Hollywood Movie People were spotted in downtown Rutledge this ding dang mornin’! That’s right! The Paramount Film Selma about Martin Luther King, is being produced by none other than Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt! Filmin’ has already started in Covington. The movie folks were spotted Tuesday checkin’ out locations in downtown Rutledge! As they say in the movies . . . that’s a wrap y’all!

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