Board rejects home–schoolers plea to join band

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

A Morgan County home-schooler, Karen Mullins, petitioned the Morgan County School Board for a second time on May 12 to request that her son, who will be a high schooler this fall, be allowed to join the Morgan County High School (MCHS) marching band. The board rejected Mullins request, at least for now, but Chairman Nelson Hale promised to look into the matter in the future. “We are not prepared to over turn the current policy we have,” said Hale.

“At this time, we are not going to be able to overturn the current policy.” “There is a variety of issues that you have to consider and we are certainly going to continue to review this,” explained Hale. “We have to do further research on the possible ramifications before we can overturn the current policy. We are going to have to stick to what we have currently, which is not what you want to hear.” Mullins accepted the board’s decision and thanked them for their consideration and dedication to the children of Morgan County. She asked the board to consider how other states are including home-schooled and nontraditional students into public school extracurricular activities. She also noted that her tax dollars, too, go to fund public schools. According to Mullins, currently 22 states have equal access laws for home-schooled children.

“We chose to home-school because we want to talk freely with our kids about God,” said Mullins. “But we also see a lot of good in the Morgan County schools and want our son to be part of it.” “The schools here are very progressive, both academically and with their extra-curriculars,” she explained. “I would love for him to have a marching band experience and I would love for him to have it here.” Mullins encouraged the board to consider the bigger picture to provide better educational opportunities for non-traditional students in the future. “We are constantly revising our policies,” said Hale. “We will take all you have submitted under advisement.”

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