Buckhead Baptist Church dedicated 12 babies and children to the Lord

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Greetings from The Springs! The end of the school year is here and that could mean only one spectacular event is on the way. Youth Week! It’s almost here. I still like to call it Vacation Bible School, but that’s just me. Sunday, June 1 marks the beginning of Youth Week at USBC. Monday through Friday, we will meet at the old church located on Old Mill Road. Breakfast starts at 9 a.m. each morning with scheduled sessions following. I do want to tell you that the play written by Veronica Nelson will be presented by the youth on Friday, June 6 at 6 p.m. at the Morgan County High School Auditorium. On Thursday during Youth Week, the participants will practice at the auditorium, so parents keep this in mind. Our students have been working several months on this project. Come and support them. While you are marking your calendars, don’t forget that Pastor Terrell will be preaching at Thankful Baptist Church in Stephens County on Sunday, May 25 at 3 p.m. The Springs will help them celebrate their church anniversary that day, and we are always excited to make the road trip to visit them. Dinner will be served around 1:30 p.m. and USBC knows that Thankful Baptist Church is known for some good cooking, too! We’ll be ready to dive in once we get there!

Well there’s another graduate in The Springs’ family and that is Marquis Marshall who is the grandson of Deacon Leonard and Mother Yvonne Goss. Pastor Terrell made a special recognition of him on Sunday told the congregation that he just graduated from Georgia Southern with a degree in Civil Engineering. He was in attendance on Sunday along with his mother, Jennifer Marshall and grandmother Nealy Marshall. Now that school is over, Marquis shared with me that he will be moving back to Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Deacon Tommie and Mother Willie Ann Johnson had special guests visiting on Sunday and worshipping with us. Deacon Johnson’s sister, Rachel Hart and her husband Earl came along with their sons, Jared and Peter and grandson, Tyler. They all had dinner together along with Mother Willie Ann’s son and daughter for Mother’s Day. Sister Connie Thomas was all aglow holding her granddaughter, Phoenix on Sunday morning.

We call her a miracle baby, and Sunday was the first time that many of us were able to see her. The parents of this beautiful girl are B.J. and Harriet and they were overjoyed to hear about all of the prayers that went up for the birth of their baby. How great is our God! Rev. Terrell’s sermon on Sunday, May 11 was based on St. John 19:25-27 and for this particular message it is important to remember that Jesus was fully human and at the same time fully God. In this passage, Jesus was on the cross and He looked down and saw His mother. He told her to take care of John because he needed some help. Now John was not her biological son, and it is similar to the way we take in a child that is not our own. Yet we raise him as if he were our own. Out of all that Jesus did on this earth and of all the miracles that He performed, only four were at the cross to be with Him. Pastor Terrell stated that when Jesus saw His mother, something happened. His human side came out.

We can’t experience anything that Jesus didn’t, however He took all of our infirmities to the cross and now we have the victory! Pastor Terrell ended his message with this. If you stick with the Lord until the end, the blessings He speaks over your life, no devil can change it. If God speaks something to you, just hold on! He will protect you. Only those thing that you do for Christ will last. It doesn’t matter your career or position. It doesn’t matter your job or your clout. Not only did Pastor Terrell’s sermon stress the importance of staying with God, but it also stressed the importance of not forgetting to make time for mama. Don’t forget about her. Jesus didn’t. When just about everyone else had left Him, Mary, His mother, was there. Eternal life is forever, but life on earth is short! Glory Be To God!

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