Council approves zoning for senior development

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The Madison City Council approved a rezoning application by Parallel Housing, Inc., to rezone portions of tax parcels M08-043 and M08-041 at 555 North Fifth Street from Professional/Limited Commercial (P2) to Planned Residential District (PRD). After approving the application for the rezoning of the property, the council then passed a resolution of support for Parallel Housing’s planned development – Silver Lakes Senior Development – as being “of the highest priority to the city of Madison. Sliver Lakes Senior Development is a proposed 44-unit residential development with both single and double rooms available.

The development will be considered senior affordable housing, and Parallel Housing is applying to the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTCP) in order to move forward on the project. Madison planning staff recommended four conditions for recommendation of the proposed amendment, including that the property revert to the original zoning if Parallel Housing’s application to the LIHTCP is not successful, that the property revert to the original zoning if sufficient TDRs are not obtained before construction is to begin, that the property be removed from the Historic Preservation Overlay district (HPO) prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy. Madison resident Stratton Hicky asked whether the development would violate portions of Madison’s multi-family ordinance because of its proximity to Sandy Sanford’s The Anchorage development and the lack of a designated neighborhood center in the area.

Madison Planning Director Monica Callahan said that the multi-family ordinance regulations do not apply to a PRD, which she described as a “flexible zoning technique” that “sets its own rules.” She added that it is up to the city council to determine whether each individual PRD proposal has enough benefits to justify the mitigating factors involved in each proposal. Hicky also asked why the property was being removed from the (HPO). City Planner Bryce Jaeck said that there are no existing historic structures or landmarks on the property, that it is on the edge of the district, and that it meets all of the criteria for removal. City Manager David Nunn stated during his manager’s report that the city is closing in on the beginning of the reconstruction of the Northside wastewater treatment plant, a takedown of property near the airport, and sidewalk infrastructure improvements downtown. He also added that the stormwater project in the Canaan neighborhood is “progressing well and stated that the “Goosebumps” filming crew is currently occupying approximately 400 rooms in local lodging.

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