It’s astounding. Time is fleeting. Madness takes its toll.

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Ding Dang Momma! Don’t tell me we’re gonna hike down this Hard Labor Creek State Park trail! Nobody goes down there . . . Some even say it’s flat enchanted! I’m talkin’ spooky, haunted! Shoot fire! Why’s the air gettin’ all blurry? WHOOOOA Momma! Hold on! We’re in one of those flippity-floppity, loopity-loppity Time Warps! POP! What? Where? Who knows me? And, why are we dressed like servants from the post-Edwardian era? Oh My Ever Livin’ Gosh! There’s Downton Abbey! (cue theme song) And, don’t look now but Mrs. Crawley’s hollerin’ in that uppity accent! I think she wants to know why we ain’t polishin’ the dad-blasted silver! RUN back through the TIME WARP Momma! Run! POP! Whew! Time Warping’ flat takes a toll on a girl and you know what that means? It’s time to shop! That’s right y’all! I don’t know ‘bout you but lots of this year’s Spring and Summer fashions are right smack dab out of the 1970s!

I love it! Lovin’ those Tom’s Shoe styles at Laughin’ Moon, all the cool brands like Johnny Was at Amelia’s, the scandalous wedge sandals at Barkin’ Dogs Shoe Co, and honey Whidby Jewelry has some fabulous diamonds that never go outta style! Hey and Teal Couture has flat got the way-cool culotte pants and it just don’t get more 1970 than that! Love it! Oh and Artisan Alley just got in a ton of beautiful turquoise! Gotta have it now! But y’all the big news this week is that Theresa Bishop of Belles, Beaux & Gifts renown is now sellin’ Vera Bradley! Honey she’s got all the new styles and patterns! You are flat gonna flip! Plus Theresa is fixin’ to get in an entire line of sophisticated women’s fashions! She’s even gonna create a Boutique in the back portion of her shop! The dressin’ rooms are already finished!

Ok so this Belles, Beaux & Gifts Boutique will have everything from jeans and blouses to jackets! Can’t wait! In case you don’t know y’all, the Goosebumps movie folks and famous Jack Black and friends are flat takin’ over downtown Madison! At least the Welcome Center on East Jefferson Street! Y’all check out the Morgan County Citizen’s Facebook page for the filming schedule and road closures! Oh and before I go I want to let all y’all know that our beautiful Lake Oconee Living magazine has changed its schedule by a few weeks so we can publish a true Holiday Book during the months of November, December and January! That means our next book will be a late summer/early fall edition! It’s gonna be a fab issue as we discover Georgia’s premiere bird hunting destinations, mark the 150th anniversary of Sherman’s March to the Sea. Honey those Union soldiers marched right down Dixie Avenue and into Madison!

We’re also gonna highlight Madison’s own Boat House built by a Confederate navy officer and lovingly restored by our very own Nichols family! Read all about it! Advertisers! Call us now at 706-342-7440 to reserve your spot! You do not want to miss out on this fabulous advertising opportunity! Honey the Spring issue was flat marvelous and sold out! Plus Jane Royal of Madison Markets had a customer call and purchase the chair featured in her ad! Now that’s what I call results! Ok we just gotta sing it y’all: “Let’s do the Time Wrap Again! Let’s do the Time Warp again!

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