Keck wins Offensive Player of the Year at Brewton-Parker

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

From high school volleyball player to receiving one of the her college team’s highest honors Rosalie Keck is taking her sport to new levels. “Well it’s kind of surprising, I didn’t think that I as a freshman would be receiving this award,” said Brewton-Parker volleyball player Rosalie Keck. Recently, Keck was awarded “Offensive Player of the Year” by her coach at Brewton-Parker. Keck played four years of high school volleyball for the MCHS Bulldogs and was also a part of the Georgia Juniors club team. Her family and coaches talked about how deserving Rosalie was of the honor. “As a freshman player, I was just exhilarated it was great to think that she could be able to accomplish something like this,” said Rosalie’s mother Margaret Keck. “And that she could go on to do bigger and better things as the years go by.” After one year of college Rosalie has put in 205 kills. Keck plays middle for Brewton-Parker, which is a position that rarely racks up the number of scores that she has. However, her mom said that this type of scoring was normal for Rosalie as she did the same for the MCHS Bulldogs.

“Rosalie was such a hard worker, I never saw her not smiling when she walked into the gym- she was genuinely excited to be there,” said MCHS Junior Varsity Coach Pete Busenitz. “That’s why I knew she could get it done at the next level, her effort level was always there.” In high school, Rosalie was awarded Most Valuable Player her junior and senior year by coach Pam Hooten. She was known for her work ethic, if there was something that wasn’t working out for her she would chip away at it until she figured it out. “Rosalie was an inspiration to all the players, she was a constant motivator,” said MCHS Varsity Volleyball Coach Hooten.

“Her leadership was unmatched- she led in her words as well as her actions.” Rosalie said that Varsity coach, Hooten, always encouraged her to do her best on the court and encouraged her to be a leader. Hooten wanted Keck to back up the team and she did. “Rosalie often put our team on her back and carried us places we could not go without her,” said Busenitz. She was a three-year starter for the Varsity Spike Dogs. Keck had a way of being dominant on the court often making her the most dynamic player on the court. Beyond her awards as MVP, Rosalie was also nominated and made the All District team. Margaret Keck said that she played on two very competitive teams in high school both for MCHS and the Georgia Juniors, which prepared her for her college career. After her senior volleyball seasons Rosalie was scouted by several different colleges including LaGrange College and Piedmont College. Brewton-Parker offered her a tryout towards the end of her senior season, but she was not even considering the school at that point. “I attended school at Brewton-Parker and I didn’t think she would ever think of attending school there,” said Margaret Keck.

However, after the tryout Rosalie chose her mom’s alma mater. Rosalie said that during her time at Brewton-Parker she has learned a lot about teamwork. Working with her back row and setter has been different that in high school. She also said that she has learned lessons through losing this season. “In high school and in club we were always used to winning but I realized that it really didn’t matter if we won or lost as long as we were having fun,” said Rosalie Keck. Rosalie’s favorite part about her college volleyball career has been working with the girls on the team and traveling. In true Rosalie fashion, she expressed how thankful she was to her coaches- Pete Busenitz, Pam Hooten, and Dr. Mal who supported her and came to her signing day.

“I never thought I’d be able to play in college but Pete always told me that he thought I would be able to,” said Rosalie. Her Coaches also expressed just how proud they are of all of Rosalie’s accomplishments they are. Busenitz said that Rosalie is a blue-collar hero- it didn’t matter if it were the girls at the end of the bench on the JV team you were an important part of the team to Rosalie. Coach Hooten added that it’s girls like Rosalie that make coaching worthwhile.

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