BOE reveiws retention and detention policies

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Morgan County School Board approved several items during their monthly May meeting. The board unanimously voted to approve the IHE Promotion and Detention draft that outlines the school system’s policy for advancing students on to the next grade level. According to the draft, “The Morgan County Charter School System is committed to actively supporting the principles set forth by the State Board of Education Academic Placement and Promotion Policy. Our mission is to provide our students with a quality education that shall prepare them to successfully move from one grade level to the next and ultimately take their place as responsible, productive members of our society. Therefore, promotion, placement and course credit shall be based on academic achievement and demonstrated proficiency of the subject matter of the course or grade level. Expectations and standards for promotion shall be established for each grade level, content area and course, and shall be coordinated with accelerated, differentiated or additional instruction.

No student shall be socially promoted to a grade level for which he/she is not prepared for without appropriate intervention strategies in place to support the student in meeting grade level standards by the end of that subsequent year.” The draft also noted the board’s support for teachers and administrators making these decisions. “The Morgan County Board of Education acknowledges that the awarding of grades and decisions relative to promotion or retention of children is a responsibility of teachers and administrators.

It is the Board’s policy to support its professional staff in this responsibility; however, the Board reserves the right to approve all standards or guidelines used by teachers and administrators in this process.” The board also unanimously voted to retire a list of old textbooks from Morgan County Schools. Morgan County Elementary School Principal Ty Snyder noted that the retired textbooks are usually given away so that they can still be put to good use. The board also unanimously voted to approve three MCHS trips, two of them international trips. MCHS teacher, LaReece Reynolds, will be taking a group of students to Italy in June of 2016. Lisa Adams, a MCHS teacher, will be taking a group of students to Greece in 2016.

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