Buckhead given ‘anonymous’ gift to repair Christmas lights

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

Plans were discussed at Monday’s Buckhead City Council meeting to buy new and refurbish some of the town’s dated Christmas lights. Mayor Ricky Walker wanted to make a decision about the lights. Currently, a company is offering a buy one get one half off and the council members had discussed purchasing a few new lights. However, the members also want to have their current lights refurbished by a company in Alabama. Robin Bone told the council that they had received an anonymous $1,500 donation. Walker thanked the donor from himself and the town. The council continued their discussion with prices on two types of new lights- angels and Christmas trees.

These two sets of lights are narrower and will fit the town streets well. The members discussed purchasing three and getting three at half price. Refurbishing the current lights will basically bring them back to looking brand new. Mayor Walker said that the current lights are at least 15 years old and the wiring is going bad on them. Walker believes that there are about 20 plus light fixtures that need to be refurbished.

The council decided that in an effort to save money that they wanted to purchase six new light fixtures and refurbish half of the sets they already have. This will allow the cost of refurbishing to be split over two years. Walker also gave an update on the water and well situation- the town has been working to research different options for a new well. A well near the old schoolhouse gymnasium had been discovered and the city was pursuing testing it. Walker said that they had been quoted $26,025.42 to fix the well. However, Walker continued to tell the council that he had been told that the well was shut down due to contamination. The council agreed that there was still research on the gym well that needs to be done before determining if it is worth fixing. Walker also discussed the possibility of tying into a Madison well, but after further research it was not big enough to get the quantity that the town would need per minute. The town will continue to look into these two options and others to fix the well situation.

Old Buckhead Days were discussed again. Walker led the discussion in what to do with the funds raised from the event. Jennifer Doran offered an idea to add a new grill to the town park. Doran mentioned that the current grill is falling a part. Walker and city clerk Cheryl Saffold said that they would look into a price for the grills before the next meeting. Robin Bone also offered the suggestion of designing a sign to display town event information. The council talked about the different options in building the sign and Saffold said that she would look into costs of building and materials. While on the topic of signs Walker presented the signs for the park that had come in.

Walker said that he has not had time to put them up but hopes to accomplish this this weekend. In all there are five new signs that will be displayed through out Buckhead’s park. The council also discussed the potential for American flags to be hung for the Fourth of July. Mayor Walker and Saffold will be looking further into the costs of getting the flags. Before the new business began Walker gave Dave Belton, a candidate running for State House, time to speak. Belton said that he is running on the basis of three things- to preserve the charm of the community, to preserve famers and to work to help our children get the new jobs that are being formed.

He thanked the council for their work and for allowing him to speak. The new business agenda included talk about the comprehensive plan and the budget. Chuck Jarrell was unable to be at the Buckhead meeting so the discussion of the comprehensive plan was tabled for the June meeting.

Saffold handed out the current budget but said that it would probably be changing. Walker encouraged the council to take the budget home and look at it. The council members will then be able to come up with any questions they may have to be discussed at the next meeting. The Buckhead City Council has opted to have a special called meeting on June 16 to discuss the budget before their regular meeting on June 23. At the June 23 meeting the council will wrap up discussion about the budget and following the regular meeting they will have a meeting to vote on the budget.

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