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I’d like to imagine that I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy. I change the oil in my car, do small-to-moderate projects around the house, and have even built a couple of guitar amplifiers for myself. (And then repaired them when they broke down…) I’d imagine that a common effect of being able to fix a good deal of things with your own hands is not wanting to admit when there is something that you know is out of your league. But, sometimes, you’ve got to lay down your tools – whatever kind they may be – and admit defeat before you make a bad situation worse.

After all, the pain of a bruised ego often hurts less than the consequences incurred otherwise. For James Doppler, of Homer, Alaska, the difference in the level of pain between trying to fix the situation himself and admitting defeat by heading to a professional – a doctor, in this case – should have had him reaching for the nearest phone to get outside help.

But it didn’t. I’ll let you be the final judge of the situation, so as not to expose my stubborn bias. If you accidentally shot yourself in the head, would you – upon the urging of your significant other – take a quick trip to the hospital or sit at home and rub antibiotic ointment into the wound? You’d pick the hospital? Really? That’s not what I was thinking at all. Anyway, Doppler insisted to his girlfriend that he was fine, but, after a few days he began “experiencing symptoms associated with a head wound,” said the Associated Press.

However, the Associated Press didn’t say what those symptoms were or how severe they had grown. Personally, I don’t know why the author of that piece didn’t think that those details were salient. Consider his position for a moment: if the symptoms were a slowly bleeding orifice and a low-grade headache, wouldn’t you rather stay home, pop some aspirin and go back to sleep? Of course you would. On the other hand, if you could insert the pills directly into your brain – where I’m sure it would hurt the worst – due to the extent of the wound… Yeah. At that point you might need a little help.

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