Local couple launches line of pepper sauces

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

Two local Morgan County residents, Kathy and George Batten, have launched a new business, called Chile Today Hot Tamale, selling a line of pepper sauces and one spicy mustard, all of which are natural and gluten free. “Chile Today Hot Tamale carries four gourmet pepper sauces and one mustard that are family recipes, or variations on family recipes. These include: George’s Gourmet Pepper Sauce, Thermonuclear Hot Sauce, Salsa Pura Hot Sauce, Papite’s Premium Garlic Pepper Sauce, and Scorchin’ Hot Mama Jalapeno Mustard,” explained Kathy Batten, CEO of the company. “We started the business last summer. Kathy had been a food ingredient broker, buying chile peppers from the United States and South America. Most of her chiles came from New Mexico and Texas.

Because of her past experience in the food ingredient business, she had contacts in the pepper business community, and she is quite the pepper enthusiast, a real ‘Chili-Head!’ A business making chile pepper sauces seemed a natural extension of her experience and interests,” said George Batten, vice president of the business. “We started this business because we both love to create new sensations in the kitchen, and because we enjoy entrepreneurial endeavors.

This business fits with our talents and experiences. We wanted to bring a variety of chile products to the table for our friends and customers who want to add flavor to their food,” said the Battens in a joint statement. According to the Battens, their pepper sauces are superior to others currently on the market because of their one of a kind taste and quality. “We do not make the hottest pepper sauces on the market, but without question we do make the most flavorful sauces on the market,” said Kathy Batten.

“What we keep uppermost in mind is that a pepper sauce or hot sauce should enhance the taste of the food, and not overwhelm the taste of the food. Our sauces and mustard enhance the flavor of food,” said George Batten. The Battens hope to create a longstanding businesses grounded in the local community. “Our vision is simple: to continue to provide the best quality products that we are capable of making. If we can continue doing that, all of the other targets that businesses aim for, such as growth, market share, profitability, etc., will follow. To that end, we offer our customers a seamless experience ordering products from our website, with rapid delivery. In addition, we are looking at opportunities to place our sauces in small, specialty grocery stores that have a reputation for carrying only high quality products,” said the Battens in a joint statement.

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