Vacation Bible Study on June 28

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Is the calendar right?  Is this the middle of May?   Has anyone else had their air and heat on the same day?   We have but it has been nice.  Enjoying the cool sleeping weather. Sunday was a good day overall,  some rain, some sunshine, cloudy and cool most of the day. Enough about this weather. I hope this was our blackberry winter and we can look forward to warm days ahead. Sunday as always with me was good as Butch preached from 1st Corinthians 11. As we had Communion he talked to us from verses 17 – 34 always interesting reading.  Communion should be a very serious and honorable service being humble when partaking of the Lord’s Supper.   Our crowd was off a little due to a lot of sickness.   Little Noah is out with strep throat,  both Martha and Bennie Dooley have both had the “crud” that has hit a lot of us.

Even though she is fighting for her breath constantly Patsy Greene was able to be with us, as was Mary Beacham after her eye surgery.   So good to have Betty Walker back with us after the ordeal she’s been through for several months.   But we still have so many seriously ill. God please hear our prayers for them. You know each of them by name. After the morning worship service we had lunch to honor and celebrate our high school graduates. Congratulations to Jared Jackson and Cameron Busbee as they go into a new phase of their life.

We had a delicious lunch and the fellowship hall was decorated beautifully with each of their school colors being dominant.  Thank you to Eleanor Johnson and Cindy Smith for being so faithful as our kitchen and decorating committee.  Do any of you feel as I do, hearing and reading of the terror that’s taken place in this area?   I don’t feel as safe anymore. I have always tried to keep doors locked, etc. but I feel invaded and might not feel the freedom I once had here.  I pray this case will be solved soon and we will have a secure feeling.

I have a serious prayer request regarding twin high school friends of my daughter Gayle. Also neighbors to us in Decatur, one twin has cancer and is taking treatment.  This weekend her twin sister and another sister went down to Florida to help on the way back up I- 75. The younger sister had terrific head pain then she passed out. She is now in the hospital in Gainesville, Florida, brain dead from a stroke. The mother of these girls is my age and down with a broken leg. Please remember the Scribner family of Inverness, Florida and Lilburn when you pray. Congratulations to Chelsea Elaine Stacy and Christian Joseph Gauthier on their marriage on Sunday evening.

Chelsea is a former member of our church. Several from our congregation attended this beautiful wedding held in Monroe. We wish for them a long and successful marriage, and to Lorri and Chris, another son in law. The yard sale for Swords United Methodist Church was a huge success. They would like to thank each of you that came by and purchased something to help their church. Laura Wheat  also asked me to mention that someone left a car key on a table. It is a Volkswagen key with a red link attached.   You can contact Laura,  their number is in the book listed as Josh Wheat if you are missing your keys. This month is swiftly passing by and the first of the month will soon be here. Over at the Oakley Gospel Barn on Harmony Road,  “The Relations” gospel singers will be there on June 7.

I understand they are from the Athens area. We’ve had a good time in my household this last week. Glyn Shackelford of Spartanburg has been with us as she does at least twice a year. We always have such a great time together and we eat good too. Thank you Glyn for your love and friendship of many years and I look forward to many more. Don’t forget, our church is “open” on Wednesday nights for bible study at 7 a.m. We will be baptizing three or four on June 1 at 6 p.m. at the home of Eleanor and Charles Johnson.

Remember, this is a most sacred time and will not be a time to play in the pool. Also, remember our one day Vacation Bible School to take place on June 28th from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. Down at the ABC Auction in Crawfordville this Saturday night will be the “meat man” Keith Arnold with a lot of goods and good prices. Bring your cooler. Happy birthday to my granddaughter Leah Arwood on the 24 and anniversary blessings for Jack and Alice Waddell also on the 24.  So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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