MCMS Band Graces Town Park Stage

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Leila Dycus

Staff Writer

There’s a first time for everything- this year’s MCMS Spring Band Concert graced the Town Park stage last week. On Thursday May 15 members of the Morgan County Middle School band came together to play their spring concert in Town Park. Band members from all three middle school grade levels had their chance to perform. Parents and community supporters packed the park for this first time event.

“The atmosphere and the amazing turn out just blew me away,” said MCMS Band Director Karisa Seymour. “I think the kids really stepped up to the plate and played and I think it was an enjoyable experience for everybody.”

Since the middle school does not have a performance art facility, the venue allowed parents and supporters to sit in comfortable chairs. They were not forced to be crammed into the gym or other spaces in the school.

“The parental support that it took to make it happen was amazing- from transporting equipment to going to get sound shells to chaperoning. Everything that made it happen was good,” said Seymour. The students have been working all year long to prepare for their performances including this spring concert. For the sixth graders they started in February getting their music for this concert. Seventh and Eight graders began practicing this music after Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE), which was at the end of March.

Sixth graders played literature appropriate for their age that was fun to play. Seymour said that the music the sixth graders played was developmental preparing them to become seventh graders. She went on the say that this group of sixth graders is advanced for their age.

The seventh graders played Superheros are Us, A Jungle Dance and The Celtic Air and Dance. The Celtic Air and Dance was a song that the group played at LGPE, but many of the parents had not seen this performance. “It felt really great, we had a lot of people that came- a lot more than we expected,” said eight-grade student Ansley Baldwin. “A lot of people from the town participated in it, everyone was dancing and it was really fun to see everyone join in.”

Three students explained how the eight graders planned their spring performance. Baldwin, Marie Hayes and Maria Martinez said that Mrs. Seymour brought the idea of the great movie adventures to their group. The boys picked songs from Jurassic Park, Star Wars and ET while the girls choose Frozen.

“The basic goals of the concerts is when the younger levels you will hear the change over the years,” said Baldwin. The spring concert was one last time for the eight graders to come together to play as a whole before they move on to high school band. Many of the members will continue their band experience at Morgan County High School in the fall.

Seymour said that this group is particularly incredible. After Seymour lost her mother-in-law a few days before their winter the group played a song in memory of the directors loved one. Seymour described this experience as being a surreal experience. This eight-grade group plays with mature emotion and great expression. As this group travels to the high school they will join other band members Seymour hopes that they will continue to bring their energy and knowledge to high school group.

Beyond the music Antique Sweets was present to sells lemonade and treats to audiences. This was one of the many examples during Thursday night’s concert that showed how great the Morgan County community is.

“It was overwhelming the support in the audience, we couldn’t have fit all those people in the gym,” said Seymour. Although many of the people that came out Thursday night might not have come to the actual school Seymour continued to talk about how incredible the support of the community is. She went on to say that she hopes to do a commissioned work, which means that she would contact a composer and get them to create a song to be played by the school bands.

The hopes for the song would encapsulate the community by having a sense of Civil War mixed with the tranquil areas of Morgan County while creating the feeling of home. The song would be dedicated to the schools bands as well as their supporters. There truly is a first time for everything- it shows when a community is able to come together and put on such an unbelievable event as this year’s MCMS Spring Band Concert.

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