Memorial Day always brings special thoughts

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I hope that you all had an enjoyable and safe Memorial weekend. The weather was nice. We had an enjoyable quiet time, which was fine. We both rested.

Edna Smith went to see Beatrice Smith and Linda at Eatonton. Beatrice will be 98 on May 28! A great big happy birthday to you! Her brother Earl, who is living a long life, will soon have a birthday and he is older. Edna also saw Carrie Bell Harper. Carrie’s son-in-law Orris Knight is in the nursing home at Eatonton at this time, too.

Haley Mullins will have a birthday May 28. Happy birthday to you!

Jesse Bryant had a birthday on May 26. He had a birthday party after church on Sunday at McDonald’s. Those that helped him celebrate were Hallie Hickman, Judy Frost, John Parker, and Andy Trotter. They had a very enjoyable time.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is having a garage sale at the church on June 21 and 22 and on the following weekend. I will have times later. I’m sure that I’m safe in saying that if any of you are doing spring cleaning and you have items that you no longer want that they would be happy to have them for the sales.

Jo Marcrum went to Dublin and her granddaughter came home with her. She and Abby have a lot of fun. They celebrated May 20 birthdays together. Pam Hendrix spent Sunday with George and Laura Lohr.

Chuck and Miriam Foster went to their grandson’s graduation in Louisiana. They went to the Kaiser Aluminum retirement luncheon while they were there.

Sue Thomas went to Milledgeville to visit Kay and Bill Shephard who invited friends from Forest Lake Village where Sue used to live. The Buckhead Baptist Youth are having lunch Sunday to sell after church to raise money that they might go to W.O.W. at the beach.

Memorial Day brought back memories of when I was a small child. My brother Elmer Claiborne Brake would come home from Florida or a holiday sometimes. I remember when Highway 83 was paved. There was very little traffic on the road at the time. Where we lived we could hear cars coming a long way. B. T. and I were outside on a Memorial Day. We heard a car coming fast. We thought it must be Elmer. When it got there, that’s whom it was. He whirled into our driveway with dust flying.

He liked to tease our sister Annie who was two years older. She would get aggravated at him. Fact is, Annie was the oldest in our family and Elmer was the second oldest. It’s my thinking that she almost threw her hair brush at him when he teased. She pretended that he bothered her. She liked to sit in front of the mirror and brush her thick hair. She really loved his teasing in a way. After all sometimes it would be a year or two before he came back home. Years later he went into the Navy. On his first tour after he had been in about six months in World War II he was killed on an aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Belleau.

You see Memorial Day always brings special thoughts to mind each year. Even though I was almost a baby when he was grown and left home, living most of his life in Florida, he was still my big brother. He was home very little in my growing up years; he died in service when I was a young teenager. But I was proud of him and of my remembrance of his fun spirit and joy that he seemed to get in life. He gave his life for you and me and all of us that our Memorial Day might be safer.

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