This weather is definitely summer weather

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As I heard on the weather last week, the calendar may not say it is summer, but this weather is definitely summer weather!

Last week was an excellent week to get up hay, and I think everyone hereabouts was doing just that.  “make hay while the sun shines!”

As today is Memorial Day, we are all stopping and thanking all those who have served this country and remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

As you know, my brother, Tim, and his family are living in Brussels, Belgium now, and he is really enjoying seeing all the sights and the historical places in that part of the world.  Amy Bell had put the poem, “In Flander’s Fields” on her facebook page to remember this Memorial Day; Tim said he researched the origin of the poem and found out that Flander’s Field was about an hour away from where they were living.  It is located in Flanders, the Dutch speaking area of Belgium and is the smallest of several American cemeteries in Belgium. Tim said it was beautifully maintained and each grave is marked with a white cross and on either side of the cross is an American flag and a Belgium flag.  He said since it was a small cemetery, he walked and looked at each one and took note of where each soldier was from.  He only saw one from Georgia.  In his pictures it doesn’t show poppies growing, but it is a very manicured sight.  “In Flanders Fields the poppies grow, between the crosses row on row, that mark our place; and in the sky the larks still bravely singing, fly, scarce heard amid the guns below.  We are the dead.  Short days ago we lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow; loved and were loved and now we lie in Flanders Fields.”

I left out a few of our community high school graduates last week and I am sorry.  Morgan Trice, the daughter of Donna and Todd Trice, on Pierce Dairy Road and the granddaughter of the Larry Bruce’s and Mrs. Laurice Trice graduated from Morgan County on Friday night.  Also, Wolfgang Busenitz and Nick Connelly, grandsons of Fran and Gil Busenitz were also Morgan County graduates.  We certainly congratulate them and wish them the best.  Wolfgang graduated Cum Laude.  Morgan Nash, daughter of Sara and Roland Nash graduated Magna Cum Laude.  A big congratulations to them!

Another high school graduate is Chase Brewer, son of Ken Brewer and the grandson of Bobby and Emily Brewer.  Chase graduated from Roswell High School and is headed to Auburn University in the fall.  There is another bit of big graduate news with some connection here to our Bethany community;  Rev. Layne Jenkins granddaughter, Allie Douglas, is also a graduate of Georgia College and State University and to top it off she was the valedictorian of the 2014 graduating class.  That is really something to be at the top of your class in college!!  I know Mr. Jenkins and his wife are really proud grandparents!!   That is quite the accomplishment.  She received a double major in music and geology.

We also want to congratulate Julia Gay Sabbidino as she is retiring from her job at Bob Jones University after 47 years!  She has worked in the same office ever since she graduated from Bob Jones all those years ago.  On Friday night, the university honored her with a retirement celebration and her sisters, Sarah Nell Craig and Janice Philippi attended.

Happy retirement, Julia Gay! We also wish Penny Messer a very Happy Birthday as she celebrated a big one this past weekend….the big 50!!!!  Her family honored her with a cookout on Sunday evening.  Happy Birthday, Penny!

The Fairview Club had its last club meeting until the fall on this past Wednesday when we met at the home of Patsy Holbert on the Eatonton Hwy. with a good attendance present.  After our business meeting we enjoyed a table full of refreshments and I do mean a table full!  Everything was delicious!

We always have our May meeting at Patsy’s so we can stroll through her flowers and ooh and aah!  She and Charlie do a wonderful job and everything was simply beautiful.  We all just sat, talked and relaxed while enjoying a “hunky” (which we surely didn’t need!) while we soaked in all the beauty!

Laurie and Chic Lewis hosted a pre-graduation party at their house in Buckhead Manor on Friday evening before the graduation ceremonies  for their son, Wade.  Chic’s family from Macon as well as all of Laurie’s family were all in attendance to enjoy delicious refreshments before heading to the football field to attend the  ceremony.  Wade graduated Cum Laude and he is planning on attending college at Columbus.

Bertie and Leon Alligood spent the Memorial Day weekend here with home-folks.  We all enjoyed getting together several times while they were here.  On Saturday, they along with Blanche and Jake Wilson toured the Flannery O’Conner home-stead in Milledgeville which they enjoyed.  Charles Smith enjoyed time here last week with his grandparents, Jack and Joan Cathey, while his mother, Jeri, finished up some post-planning work at school.

Jack and Charles enjoyed fishing and picnicking while he was here.  Ruby Batson, one of the Brewer cousins, of Demorest passed away last week just one day short of her 87th birthday.  Bobby and Emily Brewer went up and visited with the family on Thursday afternoon of last week.  Tommy and Connie Stanton and James Melvin and Inez Brewer also went up for the services.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Brewer families.  Becky and George Haley visited with Frances Brewer on Thursday afternoon of last week.

Sally Porter attended the graduation ceremony for Jake Carver as he is moving up to the sixth grade next year.  Congratulations, Jake! Tim and Esther Curry hosted a cookout and fishing outing for the children of Antioch Baptist Church on this past Sunday evening.  They had 9 kids participating and lots of adults who came to help.  Everyone had a really good time!  Chip and Shannon Porter and boys enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend down with Shannon’s parents at their Lake Oconee house.  Ben Porter is in Abilene, Texas, where he is working on a ranch for two weeks.

Jack and Max Leo of Grayson spent this past weekend with their grandparents, Tommy and Raynor Cathey in Buckhead.  Their cousin, Maddie Cathey joined them for one night.  Maddie is happy to report that she is now a big sister to her little brother that was born on Memorial Day.  He has been named Samuel Watson Cathey and the proud parents are Joey and Beth Cathey.  Congratulations to everyone!

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