City to buy acreage to expand airport

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

The Madison City Council unanimously voted to approve a Department of Transportation (DOT) contract for the acquisition of 35.93 acres of property in the area of the Madison Municipal Airport for the amount of $811,300. The city of Madison will be responsible for 5 percent of the total cost, equaling $40,565. Federal money will fund 90 percent of the project – approximately, $730,000 – while state funds will cover the remaining 5 percent.

Council Member Joe DiLetto said that the Madison Municipal Airport expansion project is “vital” in that it allows the airport to continue “growing in a good fashion without jeopardizing safety.”

Madison City Manager David Nunn said that all six of the property owners involved in this contract have already agreed to the terms of their individual agreement, and that the city was not directly involved in the appraisal process, which had to be done in accordance with state regulations.

Nunn said that the payment plan created by the contract was similar to an “invoicing process” in that the city will “draw down” money from the federal and state funding when necessary to supplement the “small portion” of funding that comes directly from Madison.

He also indicated that there would be future property acquisitions related to the airport expansion project.

The council also held a public hearing for the fiscal year (FY) 2015 budget during their called meeting last Friday, May 23. Madison Finance Director Karen Guinn stated that there had been no changes to the proposed budget since the first budget workshop.

The FY 2015 budget will be voted on by the Madison City Council during their next regular meeting on June 9.

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