County tax rate to stay the same

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

Morgan County Finance Director Lori Sayer stated during the May 27 Board of Commissioner budget hearing that the county plans on maintaining the current millage of 9.49, which is approximately .9 mils more than the rollback rate, which would be 8.578.

County Manager Michael Lamar agreed that keeping the current millage rate in the face of the property value increases that occurred over the last fiscal rate would amount to a tax increase.

Lamar stated that the county would also have to spend most of a $480,000 onetime revenue that Morgan County received because of property sales to the City of Madison and back payment from Super CUVA.

Sayer said that the only recent changes to the budget were an increase of $9,000 in the solid waste budget to cover increased methane monitoring at the county’s landfill and the transfer of $150,000 from the contribution to the hospital into the contingency funds.

The $150,000 transferred from the hospital is intended for physician recruiting at Morgan Memorial Hospital. Lamar explained that the funds would still be used for that purpose if the hospital hires a physician to their staff, but he said that the funds would remain in contingency if no hiring occurs.

Sayer said that she will be receiving the actuarial evaluation for Morgan County for the coming year from Government Employees Benefits Corporation of Georgia (GEBCorp) in the coming week.

She said that GEBCorp’s evaluation will tell the county where they stand in terms of having paid off their retirement fund earlier in the year.

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