Dairy Queen opened on Eatonton Highway

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Ding Dang! All you-know-what has flat broke loose! Honey, times they are a changin’! Hold on honey and get ready! First up, we had the big Dairy Queen open up on Eatonton Highway last Friday to record crowds! Susan Praugh of Madison even got in the line at 6:30 a.m. (I’m talkin’ before the birds were chirpin’) and she got the very first Dairy Queen cake and a $5 meal per week for a dad-gum year! That’s right! Dairy Queen gave $5-meal-a-week-for-a-year gift cards out to the first 50 people who purchased a fab ice cream cake! Wow! You flat wouldn’t believe the commotion! It was fantastic! Rev it up! Momma is as excited as a squirrel in a nut cage ‘bout the brand spankin’ new Chrysler dealership that’s fixin’ to flat open up right smack here in Madison!

That’s right y’all! They are workin’ on the building right down from the new Dairy Queen as we speak! Now look y’all. Nobody’s givin’ out the details but Momma was able to get the scoop! Lean in now ‘cause I gotta whisper . . . Turns out the dealer is Malcolm Cunningham and honey his proposed sign for the building will flat say: Chrysler * Dodge * Jeep * RAM! What? That’s rights! The Citizen’s crackerjack reporter Tia Lecorchick has a story all ‘bout it in this week’s Citizen! Start flippin’ the pages honey and get all caught up! Even what’s old is new again! I just popped into Madison Drug located at 213 North Main Street in Madison! Honey the whole ding dang place has gotten a facelift!

It looks beautiful! Ok so here’s the deal. The interior has been completely transformed into Lolli Pops, sellin’ some fab brands like Lily Pulitizer, Forhash Jewelry, Beaucoup Jewelry, Tag, Glory Haus, Mud Pie and C.R. Gibson Toys and more! Right so the other half of Madison Drug is gonna have a Christian Book Store, which they’re still workin’ on! Hey and more changes are in store but rest assured: Your favorite menu items will stay on the menu! Anyhow, get over there immediately ‘cause you’re flat gonna flip cartwheels, but you don’t want to break your back so stay flexible! And, Momma knows the best way to do that is with some Yoga! And, speakin’ of yoga . . . . Honey Serenata Farm & Yoga, owned by yoga instructor extraordinaire Bobby Robinson and his partner Kent Smith, just flat got approved by the Morgan County Board of Commissioners as an event facility for weddings and private events! Ding dang!

We are uptown now ‘cause honey this property is flat beautiful! The home, the grounds, the gardens, the pool, the barn . . . honey even Edna the Emu is flat cool! We’re gonna have us some fab yoga and way-out meditation retreats! Oh and Serenata Farms is the perf farm setting for weddings and oh-so-special events! Y’all just wait till you see the secret passageway down to the way-fab wine cellar – perf for a Stellar Party in the Cellar! Whaaat? Yes! I love it! Now Theresa Bishop at BB&G in downtown Madison at 115 South Main Street in downtown Madison is now carrying women’s clothin’!

Honey it is soo cool! I just popped in there last week and just about had a fit! Such a fit in fact I bought me a brand spankin’ new top! Right so BB&G now has brands like Flax, Liverpool jeans, Raffinalla pants, Maria and more! Y’all get in there and check it all out! Yikes! I’m flat outta time and outta space! But don’t y’all worry none cause: You’re all invited back next week to this locality, to have a heapin’, helpin of Citizen hospitality. Biz Buzz that is. Set a while. Take your shoes off. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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