FM radio station wants to make move to Madison

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

Craig Baker appeared before the Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) on Tuesday, June 3, to request their support in the purchase and relocation of the WLRR 100.7, a full service FM station, to Morgan County. The BOC unanimously voted to recommend support for Baker. According to Baker, who has operated Madison’s radio station, WYTH, since 2005, this new radio station will “better serve the area” by providing relevant information to a wider audience, such as weather updates, school closings, upcoming events, local news, and free airtime given to nonprofit organizations. “We’re happy go give you our support,” said Andy Ainslie, chairman of the BOC. But Baker is facing opposition from WNNX 100.5 FM located in College Park, Georgia.

The station filed an objection with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on the last day eligible to do so, 60 days after Baker’s application was submitted. Baker called the objection frivolous, a smokescreen and “a tactic to keep our signal from serving the residents of Georgia’s Lake Country, thus eliminating any slight competition we may present.”

Baker believes it is no coincidence that the objecting station happens to be next to WLRR on the dial. Baker insists that any fears WNNX has over his radio station are unfounded. “WNNX is owned and operated by one of the largest broadcasting corporations in America, and operate at 12,000 watts with a very high antenna in metro Atlanta, while our vision is to serve the local community with a small independent station, offering essential support to residents and businesses in the area,” explained Baker. “The support of the commissioners to protect our vision for WLRR FM is greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence,” said Baker, who will respond to the WNNX’s objection this week.

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