God has painted everything green

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What a great day to be alive. Hey, wasn’t there a song with that line in it? I’m loving this time of the year. God has painted everything so green and in such livid colors are the flowers. Even His children (us) seem to be more alive. So thankful for all His many blessings. You can tell it’s vacation time by the attendance in our churches. Our attendance was off on Sunday, but still a nice crowd. Those traveling, have a safe trip. Taking his message from Matthew 5, Butch preached to us referring to the beatitudes. During this span of time Jesus had selected and trained his 12 disciples, delivered most of His major teachings including the Sermon on the Mount.  Scholars have called the Sermon on the Mount “the ordination address to the 12.”  I was especially interested on his teaching on the examples of purity. Our world today is famous for lowering standards, but we are to hold to pure and absolute standards.  “Ye are the salt of the earth.”  Salt was a common preservative.  We should have a certain antiseptic influence on life.

We need to be the kind of people that make it easy for others to be good around. There is more to this sermon and more influence but I’m saving that for another time. On Sunday night,  with a gentle breeze blowing, the setting was around the pool in Eleanor Johnson’s yard, a beautiful baptismal service as three of our young people went down and came up cleansed and whole. We are so glad that Chase Alan Sears,  Lillian Diane Martin and Harleigh Nicole Wilson took this giant step. Afterwards friends and family enjoyed the banquet spread and the cake to celebrate our May birthdays. Such a joyous occasion. We want to thank Eleanor and Charles for opening up their pool, as we do not  yet have a pool in our church.   The Busbee family along with Tara Elliott celebrated David Busbee’s birthday by attending  the Journey concert.   Shannon, David, Jordan, Maddison, Cameron, and Tara had a great time.

On Saturday a family-friend graduation party was held in our church fellowship hall for Jared and Cameron. Allison Bell had a birthday on Sunday and what a celebration it turned out to be. There was a family party for her given by Ginny and Danny I can’t believe that little girl has grown up before my eyes. Congratulations Allison and also to Stephanie Martin. Both celebrated on Sunday.   We are sorry to hear that Thomas Ghann is in Morgan Memorial Hospital with a heart attack. Remember Jessie and Lou Comans.  My heart breaks when I hear of so many that are sick.   So many in our church family. Patsy Greene’s daughter was in a bad wreck in Tennessee recently. Sandy Waddell, Chuck Shumake and the boys, along with Alyssa and Harleigh enjoyed an outing at Stone Mountain and the laser show on Saturday.   Again a reminder our One Day Bible School will be on Saturday June 28 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Saturday June 7 over at the Oakley Gospel Barn on Harmony Road,  “The Relations Family Gospel Singers”  will be there.

Fifth Sunday night down at Lone Oak Gerald Sweatman will be with them at 6:30.  Fifth Sunday night at Sewell Methodist will be Lamar Nix and the New Apostles at 6:00.   As always on Thursday night with Clarke Kesler at Maysville Methodist Church.   I really try to keep up on this stuff and if you have information please let me have it. I love to spread good news!!!! Happy birthday to Austin Waddell on June 7.  Anniversary blessings for Ramsey and Becky Simmons June 6.   And very special wishes to my great grand daughter Anna Bell who will celebrate on June 5.   We are expecting out of town company next weekend from Arizona. Betty Bollinger who is my granddaughter Roxana’s mother will be passing through and visit a while. We are already making plans for our homecoming on July 27. We will have The Spencer Family with us as our special guest/singings on that day. More later on this. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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