House Rep. Holt endorses Belton for his seat

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By Nick Nunn staff writer

State Representative Doug Holt, current representative for State House District 112, issued an endorsement for Dave Belton in the State House District 112 race this past Tuesday, June 3. “Dave offers the people of this district a public servant who is a strong, dependable conservative, and who will make important policy decisions for our district and our state based on the highest principles and convictions,” said Holt. “He is a true Republican, in the very best sense.” Belton earned 37.76 percent of the vote in the recent general primary election on May 20, which forced a runoff election between Belton and Aaron Brooks to decide which Republican will run against Democratic opponent, Patsy Harris, in general election.

Early voting for the runoff election begins on June 30, and the runoff election falls on July 22. “Over the last ten years, I have come to know Dave very well on both a personal and professional level,” continued Holt. “His commitment to our country and to public service is without equal.” Holt cited Belton’s 23-year military career as a pilot both in the Navy and Air Force as an example of his dedication to serving the country. “In the past six months, I’ve had many people ask me who I believed could do the best job as our next State Representative,” said Holt. “I believe it is time for me to state openly and publicly that ‘Dave Belton is that person.’”

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