Showing of appreciation for retiring Morgan County teachers

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Morgan County School System and Partners In Education (PIE), a community group that works to support the school system, hosted a retirement reception for this year’s retiring teachers, 12 in all, at the Morgan County Library on May 28. “ This is just a token of our appreciation for all the teachers do for the students in Morgan County,” said Ray Stapleton, chairman of PIE. “It is such an honor for Partners in Education to be able to recognize our retiring teachers. These educators have shared their passion for learning with the children of Morgan County for many years. Just as students reminisce about their teachers long after graduation, we also will remember the great instructing, caring, and support these teachers provided every day,” said Sarah Burbach, assistant superintendent.

Retiring teachers include: Ralph Bennett, superintendent; Lydia Norburg, MCMS principal; Robert Allwine, chief of the Junior Air Force ROTC at MCHS; Sandra Bell, business education teacher at MCHS; Gail Seibert, MCHS special education teacher; Nancy Kurtz, MCMS teacher, Sharon McCullough, MCMS teacher; Ellen Beckham, MCPS teacher; Jennifer Cochran, MCPS teacher; Pamela Latham, MCPS teacher; Melinda McHugh, MCPS teacher; Donna Martin, MCPS teacher; and Kenny Moore, administrator for discipline at MCHS. Paraprofessionals and other school personnel retiring this year include: Angela Wilson, from the school system’s central office; Geraldine Franklin, a MCHS paraprofessional; Junaita King, a MCHS paraprofessional, Deborah Pritchett, a MCHS professional; Teresa Akins, a MCES paraprofessional; Shelia Burns, a MCPS paraprofessional; Ruby Stewart, a school nutritionist; Lester Jarvis, a bus driver, Annie McClelland, a bus driver, and Christine White, a custodian.

The School System and PIE also recognized this the four teachers of the year at the reception: Amy BeMent, MCHS teacher of the year and overall system winner, Angela Stapleton, MCMS teacher of the year, Connie Cunningham, MCES teacher of the year, and Lamb Eggers, MCPS teacher of the year. “Every one of these people have served Morgan County schools well,” said Nelson Hale, chairman of the BOE.

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