Special cow from a special person

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The Buckhead Baptist Church has the Wednesday prayer meetings at 6 p.m. They are having interesting Bible studies. The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel is having a garage sale on June 21-22 at the church. They will have another one the following weekend. If you have donations from your spring cleaning they would appreciate it. Some time about now is Charles White’s birthday. I couldn’t remember the exact date. Anyway, happy birthday! John and Gail Wade were with all four grandchildren at Lawrenceville on Saturday. George and Laura Lohr enjoyed going to the lake home of Michael and Maxine Nabors on Saturday as the church at Beacon Heights was invited to their lake house for a day of fun and Bible study and a cookout. I was told that Jo Ann Bryant had surgery. Hope that you do well. Margie and Abby Denning surprised Edna Smith with a visit over the weekend.

There is to be a birthday party for Earl Smith where he lives. He will be 101 years old on June 8. Levi Alliston stepped on a rusty nail. He has been in Eagleton Hospital but is now home. Frieda White spent a few days at Christie’s house while she went to New York on business. Would someone that helps with the wrestling please call me? I have lost the telephone numbers. Would appreciate it. I saw a sign where it was to be like last Friday. I don’t know. Please help me so I can put it in the column. I’d like to congratulate Jay Moon for being the speaker at the banquet at the cultural center. He won an award on the senior dairy quiz team. Hunter Moon was on the junior dairy quiz team and won an award. Congratulations to both of you.

I’m so proud of you! Then, too Jay was picked to be the president of the F.F.A. for next year. I’m happy for you for that too, Jay. I know that you will do a great job because this is your interest. Years ago, I sold Avon. Sometimes my girls liked to go with me. I went to Greshamville, Bethany Road and every which way. I had a few very special customers. There were some that had a cake cooked. They insisted that I stay long enough to have a glass of tea along with a chunk of cake. They were lonesome so they talked and talked. I was there way too long. Finally I was able to leave. It was fun. But I had a time frame to go and a certain distance to get through in a day. It didn’t work out that way when I was held up, however enjoyable it was. Sometimes I found that dairymen had baby calves. I would swap Avon to the wife for a calf. On occasion the men liked cologne. They would swap a calf for that. However it was the men would get the calf, put it in a burlap bag, put some slits around the neck of the bag then tie a string there.

It was put in the trunk of my car. This was when I was on the way home. On occasion I had two in the trunk and one in the floor of the back seat. When we came through Buckhead the calves were ma-a-a-ing. My girls would be so embarrassed they would get in the floor if they could. This was when there was more activity in Buckhead than there is now. The girls didn’t want anyone to see them. I laughed at them. If I had been young I would have done the same thing. At one point I got a heifer calf that was special. I named her Jenny after a special person in my life that I got the calf from. I petted her, feed her, taking very special time with her.

We let her walk about the yard. She followed me home from the barn where I fed her. When she was older she went in the pasture with the other cows, but she came up for me to pet. After a time she became a mama. She let me pet her baby, which we kept because it was a heifer. During the years that we kept her she had bull calves, which we sold. Would then milk her. She was so gentle that I enjoyed milking her. I could get a bucket of feed and put it anywhere. She would follow me outside the barn where we had other cows and calves. Time went by. She began to get some grey hair here and there. Years had crept up on her as it had me. We were going to sell the herd. I was going to let Jenny go. I didn’t realize how it would hit me until she was in the truck and gone. I cried. I told my husband that he needed to go to South Georgia to bring Jenny home. It didn’t work out to get her back and if it had what was I doing to do with a cow that was getting older. God helped me get over it. But she was a special cow that came from a special person.

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