The movie people have moved out and moved on

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Well, the movie people have all moved out and moved on I believe, but all that was something to see!  I can’t believe how much work and hoop-la goes into just filming a few scenes, can you?  Several, several years ago, the movie, “I’ll Fly Away.” was partly filmed here in Madison.  It might have been a made for TV movie, I’m not sure.  I remember Sam Waterson was in it, but I can’t remember anyone else.   Anyway, yours truly, along with a lot of other local people were extras in that movie.  I guess I was a bored housewife about that time, so I signed up to be an extra.  Knowing me, I probably thought I was just going to sweep them off their feet and I would be just who they were looking for and a “star would be born!!!”  (Believe me I am just kidding!!!!)  My extra part might have lasted a week.  It has been so long ago, I can’t remember.  I was an extra in the courtroom scene and was part of the crowd that was sitting in the courtroom while this trial was going on.  Lydia Bennett and her son, Eli, also signed up to be extras.

We all had to be there EARLY in the morning in order for them to check out our outfits, etc.  Since it was early in the morning, Lydia came with her curlers still in her hair thinking with all the waiting that is par for the course for movie making, she would just wait and do her hair during a lull so it would look nice and freshly done, of course.  We hadn’t been there too long that morning and all of a sudden they called for everyone to go line up so the powers that be could look us over and be sure we looked the part.  I think Lydia had gotten the curlers out but she hadn’t had a chance to comb and fix it.  She was standing in the line and the people were looking everyone up and down and Lydia told them she hadn’t had a chance to do her hair. She had literally just pulled the rollers out as we were walking out.  They told her, “Oh no, it looks great, that’s just how we want you to look.”  Lydia gasped and said, “Like this??!!”  They said, “Absolutely, it is great!!”  Lydia’s mouth was hanging open and about to die of mortification and I was about to roll in the street; I couldn’t believe it either!!

Here she was about to make her TV debut with her hair not even been brushed, much less fixed!!  If I am not mistaken, they liked Lydia so much they put her on the front row and I am thinking she might have played the part of someone’s mother; I think they had her knitting or doing something like that.  So, there you go, you can’t ever tell about the movie people!!  We want to extend our sympathy to the Walter Rowland family as he passed away last week.  Mr. Rowland lived in the Godfrey community for many, many years and was 98 years old at his passing.  He was a member of Antioch Baptist Church, there.  He had lived with his son, David and his wife, Mary, for the last year or so after the death of his wife, Eva.   Mr. Rowland’s first wife was Dorothy Wilson, who was the daughter of the late Edwin and Addie Wilson also of Godfrey.

Uncle Ed was a brother to my granddaddy, Jake M. Wilson, Sr.  It is awfully hard to stay in touch after several generations, so I was so glad to meet these relatives and reconnect.  They all live in Conyers, Buford, and Tucker.  Walter’s father was Julian Malone and he had a jewelry store here in Madison years ago.  Daddy told me that this is where he bought Mama’s engagement and wedding ring at.  He said when he went there to pick it out that he couldn’t make up his mind between two rings, so Mr. Malone said that he could take both of them with him and then see which one Mama liked most.  Can you believe that??  Haven’t times changed??!  Mama said that Daddy showed them both to her and she told him which one she liked and it turned out to be the cheaper one of all things! Our county commissioner, Ron Milton’s mother, celebrated her 100th birthday this past weekend.

She makes her home in Ellijay.  They had a big celebration for her on this past Saturday in her honor.  Congratulations and Happy Birthday to her! Sally Stephens also celebrated a big birthday recently as she entered a new decade of her life.  Debbie Smoak, Jane Phelps, and some of her Lady Laker softball buddies from years past surprised her with a weekend stay and campout at one of the cabins at Hard Labor Creek state park weekend before last.  Happy Birthday, Sally!  Esther Curry and Connie Bryans are having a grand time in Italy right now visiting Effie Powell and her family as well as touring the countryside.  Peyton and Ella Grace Fortson spent a long weekend with Marty and Connie Wilson while their parents, Marc and Laurie enjoyed some time away at St. Simons.  The Godfrey community is saddened to lose one of their residents as Mary Ward moved this past week down to Orlando, Florida to be close to her son.  She says she can look out and see Disney World!  The ladies of Antioch all met at The Chop House here in Madison on this past Wednesday for a farewell lunch with Mary.  They will all stay in touch, I’m sure.

Dale and Howard Thompson and their family enjoyed having Dale’s sister, Pattie and Joe Franks from Fayetteville, Tenn., spend this past weekend with them.  All of them also enjoyed a big VBS  of Beacon Heights Baptist Church on this past Saturday down at the lake house of Michael and Maxine Nabors on Lake Oconee.  Around 30 people of adults and children enjoyed a day of devotions, crafts, games, fun and fellowship.  Jake Harris has arrived from Texas to spend part of his summer vacation here with his grandparents, Tommy and Raynor Cathey.  Janice and Chuck Philippi enjoyed having their grandsons, Cooper Philippi spend the night with them on Friday night and Grayson Kilpatrick spend the night on Saturday night.  We are also happy to report that after Janice had several scans done recently, the doctors are declaring her cancer free.  Praise the Lord!  Ben Porter has returned home after spending a couple of weeks in Texas where he worked putting up high fences on a ranch there.

He also got in some hog hunting and as a bonus (??) killed a six foot long rattlesnake with 13 rattles!  This brought back memories of his Grandmother Sadie killing a big rattlesnake with a hoe when Clay was six years old!  Ben will also have his first sheep show of the season this coming weekend.  Will Porter along with the rest of the staff at Rock Eagle begins his 4-H season down at Rock Eagle beginning this Monday morning with the arrival of 1100 4-H’ers.  They are expecting that many for the next six wks. down there!  Congratulations are in order for Marlee Malcom as the participated in the state Georgia High School Rodeo finals this past weekend and came away as the state Breakaway Champion and Pole Bending Champion! She also won third place in barrel racing.

Marlee will go to Rock Springs, Wyoming in the near future where she will represent the state of Georgia in all these events.  What an honor, Marlee!!  Sally, Dan, Scott, and Madeline Porter along with Tommy Cochran enjoyed a day of trout fishing in the North Georgia mountains on this past Friday.  They had some good luck!  The men of Trinity Baptist Church met for their prayer breakfast on this past Sunday morning before the services.

Mary Ellen Shannon and Nancy Mitchell, Fran and Gil Busenitz along with Becky and George Haley visited Frances Brewer this past week.  Annette Eaton is enjoying the children of the late Sara Fay Eaton Rozier visiting with her and the other Eaton relatives.  They also enjoyed attending services at Bethany Baptist this past Sunday.  Christopher, Colton, and Georgia Ann Morgan were spend-the-night guests of their grandparents, Sally and John Hensley this past Saturday night while their parents, Ryan and Rebecca Morgan celebrated their wedding anniversary.  Hayden and Henry Roling also enjoyed spending a night with their grandparents, Sally and John, recently while their parents, Chad and Holly enjoyed a night out.

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