The ferry at Parks Mill in 1943

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The Buckhead Baptist Church had a good fellowship last Monday night. They had an enjoyable time. The Lake Oconee Baptist Church had movie night Sunday. Before they had hot dogs with the entire trimming. Was not given the name of the movie but I was told that it was very good. Be on the watch out for the paper that the youth at Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel put out once a month. Teresa Wallace is in charge of this. She does such a great job. It is put out at many locations around town. If you see one they are free. Earl Smith celebrated his 101 birthday at a Griffin Nursing Home on June 8. His birthday is June 10. Edna Smith went as well as Beatrice Smith from Eatonton, who is well up in her 90s. Benny and Janice Smith celebrated their anniversary June 12.

Happy anniversary Milton and Ethel Cochran Norell from Tennessee are coming to spend a few days with Edna Smith. Ethel’s brother Arnold Cochran is going to get them for some church function at Apalachee. Happy birthday to Edna Smith on June 13! By the way, I mentioned that Arnold Cochran was going to get his sister and her husband from Tennessee; well he is having a birthday on June 13, also. Happy birthday to you Was told that the youth at Beacon Heights had a meal on Sunday to raise funds. I know that all of the food was good but especially the meatloaf that Carrie Jones made was mentioned to me! This person said that it was outstanding .

Two of our ladies are having birthdays. Miriam Foster has one on June 12 and Margaret Bell’s is June 16. Barbara Tyson is having a birthday luncheon for them. Happy birthday to you both! Last Thursday my husband Macon and I, along with Dennis and Julie Godbee went to eat at Yesterday Café at Greensboro. We sat in a booth. It was so shocking that we sat in a booth that had a picture of the ferry at Parks Mill on the Oconee River in 1943 when a car was on the ferry. My brother B.T. Brake was the ferry operator for several years while we lived near. If someone was to cross from the Greene County side there was a big round saw that they hit. It made enough sound that my brother heard it from our house. Some time when the Whites were taking Grayson to town to a movie on a Saturday my brother B.T. and Macon Moore were asked to go along. B. T. couldn’t go unless he had someone to listen out for the ferry. Of course that was I. The other family members were busy.

He promised to let me read his comic books. Of course I listened to where I heard him go in the house. When he wasn’t home for a length of time I watched for him. I found the comic books and read them. I still went to the ferry if anyone came. I knew how to turn the wagon wheel to where it was supposed to be to get the ferry to run. Then you would put a piece of lumber under it to hold it in that position.

Once you had it straight there was no problem. I did fine for a girl about 11 or 12 years old. If there was a lot of rain the water was all under the boards of the ferry. We had to dip the water out. We had to lift the boards up to dip the water from each section. Used a gallon syrup bucket. This was something that had to be done winter or summer when it was raining a lot. This wasn’t a favorite job of mine but I helped my brother. The thought just came to me. We are the only two left in my family. My husband reminded me of the fact that he, my brother B.T., Grayson and some other boys would get on the ferry and jump off to swim. It would have been too bad if someone had come to cross the ferry with a bunch of clothes lying there.

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