Brazil isn’t the Only Place for Soccer

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Leila Dycus Staff Writer

Brazil isn’t the only place for soccer right now. This week, young soccer players from around the county are taking part in a summer camp. “It helps develop players. We focus on developing basic fundamentals and knowledge of the game so that they can learn what soccer is all about and they can decide if they want to pursue it in their future, in school or in travel soccer,” said Oconee Football Club Coach Lamin Treore. Treore along with other coaches and players from the Oconee Football Club have come to the Morgan County Recreation Department to lead the week-long summer camp.

The camp is a time when kids can come and learn the fundamentals of soccer. Soccer camp began on Monday, June 16 and runs through Friday, June 20. Each day at camp has a skill that the day’s activities revolve around. The coaches lead the kids in stretching before playing a fun game like Red Light, Green Light. After the game, children learn about the a particular skill and take part in drills broken up by skill-based games. Coach Treore said that it’s important to keep the kids’ attention, but the Morgan County kids managed to stay focused throughout the days.

On Monday, the kids, ages 6 to 14, were taught about passing and the day revolved around this skill. Other skills covered at the rec camp are dribbling, shooting, communication and positioning. Treore feels like it is important to leave communication and positioning for later in the week as it is one of the most important, but hard to grasp, concepts. Positioning is important because it teaches the players where they should be on the field at different times in the game. At the end of the day, the coaches allow the kids to break out into mini games, which allows them to apply what they are learning.

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