“Golden Oldies” this Friday night

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Good day to you on this beautiful morning. I couldn’t ask for anything better other than we could use a little rain. Some areas have had plenty but it seems to just skip over this area. With a good attendance on Sunday, good sermon, singing, fellowship, it was just good to be in God’s house.   As Butch once again preached from John 3: 1-3 about the uniqueness of Christianity and religion.  Just being good is not good enough to get you into heaven.   It’s a natural thing for you to rebel against Christ.  We are all nothing but filthy rags in His eyes but His love for us is complete.

We cannot earn our salvation.  Jesus IS the uniqueness of Christianity.  And you will never experience this until you are saved. Sunday night, still to a good crowd the service was touching and a really feel good time.  Taking his short message from Psalm 150 he talked on praises to God and afterwards a good testimonial service.  Let me remind our congregation that our pastor will be on vacation next week and we need to come and support Joe Reid as he preaches.  No service next Sunday night due to it being Father’s Day.   What a joy it was to see Lou at church on Sunday.

Much to my disappointment I did not get back to talk to him. I pray for he and Jessie so often. Please,will you pray for them and also for all our other sick or those that are not able to attend our services.   Lou is still so close to our hearts.  So many are enjoying the Friday night concerts at Rutledge.   This Friday night at 7 p.m. Horace Reeves will be singing a lot of the “golden oldies” Those are my kind of songs. I hope that means some of the hits of the ’50’s. Horace and I go way back into our grade school years together and it would also fill my heart if you came out to hear him. He is well known in this area and Beacon Heights Baptist Church.   So come out for this free concert in the Rutledge City Park.   We send our love and Christian sympathy to the William Stewart family.  They lost a dear little six year old girl last week.  Also to Dot Stewart, as this was her granddaughter. Prayers also for our Darlin’ Lilly. Lilly and the other cousin kids were playing a game of yard baseball and a line drive hit her directly in the head above the eye. It took 7 stitches to get her put back together but she claims she is fine but she sure gave everyone else a big scare. We love you Lilly. Our One Day Vacation Bible School will be here soon on Saturday the 28th from 9:00 until 2:00.   Be sure to mark this date on your calendar.

We’d love to have your kids with us. We’ve had the pleasure to have Betty Bollinger and Ann Connors with us a few days this week.   They have just returned from a cruise and traveling around. Betty is the mother of my granddaughter, Roxana B. Arwood. Betty and Ann will be going to Charlotte and visiting with her family there. They will be headed back to their homes in Arizona in August.   I need to make a correction in last weeks column. I mentioned that Patsy Greene’s daughter was in a bad wreck in Tennessee. It WAS NOT her daughter, but some of the members of Emory Baptist Church, her daughter’s church family, that was injured. Thank you Patsy for correcting this statement. Fifth Sunday night down at Lone Oak Gerald Sweatman will be with them at 6:30 p.m.  Fifth Sunday night at Sewell Methodist will be Lamar Nix and the New Apostles at 6 p.m.   As always on Thursday night with Clarke Kesler at Maysville Methodist Church.

I will be singing on the 22 at Beacon Heights Baptist, also on the 29 at Sewell.   We are already making plans for our homecoming on July 27. We will have The Spencer Family with us as our special guest/singings on that day….more later on this. Happy birthday to Hunter Waddell on the 12th, Cindy Morrow the 18th and birthday blessings for my grammar school friend of so many years,  June Henley the 19th.   I hope the two of us can get together for lunch about that time. If you are so fortunate to still have your father, please try to be with him this week end, and I wish Jimmy, Mark, Trae and Eric as well as James a happy Father’s Day and to ALL  the father’s that might read this,  I wish a great day for you. So until next week may the Lord bless you real good.

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