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On June 11 Tammy Lynn Trahan, 40, Alexandria, Va. was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property. According to reports, an officer received a dispatch call that Trahan wanted to turn herself in regarding a stolen car. When an officer arrived at the Quick Shop convenience store on Confederate Road he found Trahan sitting in a 2007 Acurra. Trahan told the officer she had stolen the vehicle on June 6 in Alexandria and wanted to turn herself in.

Reports state that there were several razor blades in Trahan’s pockets and several open containers of alcohol in the vehicle as well as a balck Colt Defender air soft hand gun. On June 11 a theft of a check complaint was filed at a Vine Street location. According to reports, a woman said in November she did not receive a Social Security check for her son. The woman said she contacted the Social Security agency and, after an investigation, they determined that a man had cashed the check at a Wal Mart in Dalton, Ga. The man’s identifying license and photo identification were recorded when he cashed the $610 check. On June 6 a simple assault complaint was filed at a Morgan Circle location.

According to reports, a woman alleged that someone had beaten her son. When officers arrived they attempted to speak with the son but the son had consumed alcoholic drinks and was uncooperative including not allowing officers to take photographs of his injured face. The son did say that the beating occurred on Morgan Circle. A day later the officer returned and was told by the son that he had been sitting in a truck with two other men when one of the other men struck him in the face. The son said he retreated to someone’s house and realized his face was bleeding and he walked back outside the house and the man struck him in the face again. This time the son was taken to a Maple Street residence.

The son told the officer that he had initially called the attacker a name. On June 10Timothy Ryan Winsor, 23, Madison was arrested and charged with obstruction. According to reports, officers were called to Wal Mart, Eatonton Road, concerning a wanted fugitive in the store. An officer approached Winsor in the electronics department of the store and asked for Winsor’s identification. Winsor gave the officer his name and then allegedly ran out of the store, chased by the officer. The officer stated that after Winsor crossed Eatonton Road he became winded and was held momentarily by a private citizen until officers arrived and handcuffed Winsor. On June 9 a fraud complaint was filed at Wal Mart, Eatonoton Road. According to reports, an employee reported that the black male had purchased a $1.63 bottle of water with a $50 bill but had then confused the cashier and fraudulently received $450 in change for the purchase.

On June 10 a producing marijuana complaint was filed near the intersection of Eliza Morris and Pearl Street. According to reports, an officer was contacted by a city of Madison employee regarding a suspicious plant on Pearl Street. When the officer arrived he observed a white five gallon bucket concealed under Red Tip bushes that contained five thee foot tall marijuana plants. The bucket was located on a vacant lot and was removed for disposal.

On May 31 a simple assault, cruelty toward children and larceny complaint was filed at a Ramada Lane motel room. Accoridng to reports, a woman stated that she and her boyfriend engaged in an argument regarding his time spent on his cell phone in relation to his time spent doing productive tasks. The argument turned physical, she said, when he struck her in the eye, tore the cover of an air conditioner and ripped the phone out of the wall. The woman said all these actions occurred in front of her two children. The man had left the room when officers arrived. On June 3 Gerard Guidice, 54, Windermere, Fl. was arrested and charged with larceny. According to reports, Guidice and another man allegedly took $622 worth of recycled bales of cardboard from Wal Mart without permission to do so. The cardboard was returned to the store.

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