11th Pastoral Anniversary

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Greetings from The Springs! On Sunday, June 22, USBC celebrated Pastor Robert Terrell, Jr. and Lady Elect, Toni Terrell, 11th Anniversary. To honor the day, there were two services to pay tribute to this power couple. The Mistress of Ceremony for the morning service was Gloria Brown and she did a graceful job facilitating the service. One of the highlights of the morning was the liturgical drama coordinated by Mattie Waller and performed by the USBC Youth. In this presentation, the children read to the congregation many of the aspects which make up Pastor Terrell. The neat part was that as each one read their part, Mattie Waller had covered boxes which had different sections of a likeness of Pastor Terrell.

Each time a part was read, she would stack on a portion of his “body” starting with his feet, then lower legs and so on until his entire picture was created. This was such a creative way of showing all the “parts” of our great leader. Champion. That effectively describes Pastor Terrell as stated by Sister Toni Terrell in her address to the church as the morning speaker. Her text came from 1 Samuel 17 which tells the story about David defeating the Philistine, Goliath. Now, both of them were champions in their own right. However, David had the edge with the right mindset. He had faith in God and knew that the Lord was on his side. She said that Pastor Terrell fit the description of what a champion represents. A champion gets the job done. David was a champion on the right path and knew God was on his side. The same is true about Pastor T. Sister Toni Terrell also spoke about a vision that she received from the Lord about graves. She could see the graves opening with light shining from them as Pastor taught. To her, this revealed pastor Terrell bringing light to those dead situations in our lives. This powerful vision given to her and what it represents, shows what is very evident of her ability to hear from God. When you walk with the Lord, great things happen! The Mistress of Ceremony during the afternoon program was a very well-known member of the community, Evangelist Deborah Massey.

Her ease in the pulpit showed that she was not a stranger to speaking the Word of God, and she was right at home at The Springs. One of the highlights of the afternoon program was the dance of praise performed by Sandra Lockhart and Chiquita Bell. These ladies ministered to our souls expressing glory through their dance. Another highlight was the spoken word performance given by Michael Williams. His urban style of rap had us all on our feet to a song that he wrote himself. We will be hearing much more from him in the near future! The Springs expressed our love to Pastor Terrell and Sister Toni in grand fashion with several special presentations. The youth again were in the forefront as they did a short dramatic piece about the Lord’s Supper. As they did so, they presented items showing how the Lord has prepared a table for Pastor Terrell. Another gift given to our pastor was a large shadow box display of the full armor of God.

It had a background of purple draped with gold curtains, and enclosed in it were all the essential parts of the armor listed in Ephesians 6: 10-17. It held the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, shoes for the preparation of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit. All of the items were life-sized pieces intricately designed expressive of that period in time. It was an awesome display to behold. Oh Yeah, ask Sister Toni about her special cake. It was uniquely designed by Mattie Waller representing the gift given by the ladies of USBC.

Just don’t ask for a slice! The afternoon speaker was Pastor Keith Richardson of Kelley Chapel Baptist Church in McDonough. He brought along several members with him including the Kelley Chapel Combined Choir, deacons and ushers. In his sermon, he referred to Nehemiah 6: 1-5 which tells of him repeatedly being asked to “come down off the wall.” In this text, Sanballat and Geshem asked Nehemiah to, “’Come, let us meet together among the villages in the plain of Ono.’ But they thought to do me harm.” Nehemiah had a job to do to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, and he also knew that he would have opposition to completing his task. Yet, he knew he could not give up. Pastor Richardson told Pastor Terrell that as he is doing the will of God, he can’t come down. In addition, he is supposed to follow the vision that God has given to him.

The Lord will provide for him all the things that he needs. In the words of Pastor Richardson, Pastor T can’t come down because there are still people that need to hear the voice of God. There are still people that need to know that the wages of sin is still death. There are still people that need to know that the Lord can change their lives. Pastor Robert Terrell, you can’t come down because God is not finished with you! Glory Be To God!

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