Dogs show improvement at Greene, Monticello 7-7

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By Leila Dycus staff writer

The MCHS Varsity football team is showing improvements on the field, enjoying some rest and gearing up for FCA camp. “What you need to know is Morgan County got better, we got better from the first seven on seven,” said head coach Bill Malone. On Tuesday June 17 the MCHS Varsity football team traveled to Greene County to take part in seven on seven games. Greene County wasn’t the only team present at the seven on seven Monticello also participated. “It went very well,” said Malone. “It was good to get away from our field and go out to Greene County.” After starting out the seven on seven games at home the change of cinerary was good for the team. Coach Malone expressed how the competition was good and clean noting his friendship with both the Greene County and Monticello coaches. Offensively the Bulldogs looked a lot crisper. Callen Ingram and Quincy Jones made some fantastic catches. Tyler Bumford and Trey Chapman were really good in their receiver slots. Alex Dixson probably looked better than Coach Malone has seen him look all summer. “We’re seeing guys that are getting more comfortable,” said Malone.

“So we saw some improvements offensively.” Defensively the guys are getting more comfortable with the things that the coaches are putting in. Coach Malone said that’s what we’re looking for a level of comfort. Although the team showed much improvement at the Greene County seven on seven game there are still areas that they will be working on in the coming weeks. Coach Malone said that they are still dropping too many balls. Most of their passes are short and intermediate and those kinds of balls have to be caught. The coaches will also work with the defense. Defensive communication is still not where it needs to be. During practices the coaches will work with the linebackers on being more vocal and directing traffic.

The important thing to know about this week’s game is that the Bulldogs are improving and the coaches are excited about the coming season. The team will now take two weeks off. “The coaches are excited about the fact that these guys constructively criticize each other but at the same time they cheer for each other,” said Malone. After the two week break the football team will come back together for a week of practice before traveling to Statesboro for FCA camp. During the three-day camp- July 14, 15 and 16 the team will have a chance to play 12 other teams. Games won’t be the only thing the boys do at FCA camp.

It’s a time of team building. This year’s team for the Bulldog football team is Philippians 2:4, a theme that will be stressed during FCA camp. “It’s a great time for our guys to have some time away from town,” said Malone. In the evenings the players will come together for group session talks. During these talks players will discuss their expectations for the year, what the team means to them and why they play football. FCA camp severs at the Bulldogs first big hoorah of the season. “It is the thing that pulls us together and leads us into the season,” said Malone.

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