HSMC Striving to Find a Center Full of Pups Forever Homes

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By: Leila Dycus staff writer

It’s not a sale, it’s a special that the Humane Society of Morgan County hopes will help find homes for it’s center full of dogs and puppies. “The discounted price does not mean discounted love,” said humane society staff supervisor Celia Horvath. The Humane Society of Morgan County (HSMC) strives to find dogs and cats forever homes. However, a packed center has caused a special adoption fee. HSMC is working hard to get the word out and help their current residents find homes. “It’s a great opportunity to adopt a new furry family member at a very reasonable price,” said Horvath. Normally the adoption fee for a dog at HSMC is $150 but for a limited time the group is running a special. All of the dogs are micro chipped, spayed/neutered, current on vaccines and deworming’s, heartworm and parvo negative. They are on heartworm preventative if old enough and come with 30 days of free health insurance. Tera Cochran, Administrative Development Manager, said that part of the reason for the special is they have several black dogs and puppies. For instance Oaklyn, HSMC trainer Linda’s little super star and lover of water or Angus a smart lab mix. Many times the center gets in large liters of puppies and currently they have three litters.

One of the litters is comprised of five black and white puppies. In the shelter world black puppies and dogs are typically labeled with Black Dog Syndrome (BDS). BDS means that these dogs are more likely to get looked over and less likely to get adopted. People often chose lighter color animals for a number of reasons. If you think about it black pets are often portrayed negatively in books, movies and other forms of media. An article on aspcapro.com says that sometimes facts counter to beliefs do not change minds. That’s why it is important that if you are looking to adopt a pet that you give them a chance to show their personalities and not just base your decision on which is the cutest in the liter. Another reason for the special is that many of these liters of puppies have had to be quarantined for a few weeks causing them to have grown somewhat out of the cutesy puppy stage.

The problem is these guys are just as loveable as any other puppy. “We wanted a way to get these dogs adopted so we can be able to save more dogs and puppies but we can’t do this until these babies find their new homes,” said Cochran. HSMC is a small no-kill shelter that cannot take more animals in unless they are adopting animals out. The large liters of puppies aren’t the only ones that are part of the special. All dogs are being offered at the $100 adoption fee. Every dog that gets adopted opens a space for HSMC to rescue another one. Currently, HSMC has several large dogs that have been at the shelter for a long time. Rico and Jillian are two pups that have grown up at HSMC or Amber who staff still can’t understand why she gets looked over. These large dogs are also apart of the current special. “This special will only last for two weeks so take advantage now,” said Cochran.

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