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On June 21 a theft by taking and criminal trespass complaint was filed at an Atlanta Highway, Rutledge, location. According to reports, a man said the night before he had parked his truck in the front yard of his residence but when he came out in the morning he observed that his Chevrolet pickup truck was sitting on four cinderblocks. The man said someone had removed four 26” Coolwhip, chrome and black wheels with Nixon tires. The tires and wheels are valued at $2,800. On June 21 a theft by taking complaint was filed at an Athens Highway location. According to reports, a white 2014 Horton Hauler was taken from the Youngblood Motors car lot. According to reports, the trailer had been delivered a day before. An employee at Youngblood Motors told a deputy that he had located the trailer in a Craigslist ad with the seller allegedly being in Colombia, S.C.

On June 21 Justin Demond Nesbitt, 25, Woodville. was arrested and charged with interference with a business, DUI, open container and improper passing. According to reports, a female deputy observed Nesbitt, pass her patrol car on the right hand side at the intersection of Washington Street and Main Street. The vehicle, allegedly driven by Nesbitt, proceeded to the emergency room area of Morgan Memorial Hospital. The deputy located Nesbitt at the emergency room area and when attempting to question him, reported that Nesbitt became combative and loud. Reports state that when the deputy arrested Nesbitt, he threatened her with a lawsuit and called her a derogatory name. He also could not produce a driver’s license.

On June 18 a civil complaint was filed at a Hardeman Mill Road, Good Hope, location. A woman stated that after she had purchased a 1992 GMC Sonoma pickup truck from her husband’s step-father, the step-father now refused to offer clear title to the truck. The woman said she could not get a tag for the vehicle without a transferred title. The step-father told the woman he had purchased the truck from a man’s son but that he did not have a title. On June 18 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Sandy Creek Road location. According to reports, a woman alleged that someone had removed a riding lawnmower from rental property the woman owns and manages. On June 18 a domestic violence complaint was filed at a Bostwick Highway location. According to reports, a deputy arrived at the location and found a man and woman in the front yard who had been fighting. The woman said she came to her estranged husband’s house because the husband had allowed a woman to call her at odd hours.

The man said when he arrived at the residence and saw his estranged wife he ran because he thought she wanted to have a physical fight and he did not want to be arrested and detained. On June 18 a harassing phone calls and criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Nunnally Street location. According to reports, a man and woman alleged that another man had contacted them initially in person and threatened the couple when the man was told to leave. The woman said the man called the residence 17 times from Monday through Wednesday and called the residence while the deputy was present. The deputy told the man to stop calling and the man agreed. On June 18 a verbal dispute complaint was filed at a Pierce Dairy Road location. According to reports, a pastor was attempting to hold a officers of the church meeting when a former member and a woman arrived and attempted to participate in the meeting. Reports state that the man said he wanted to become a deacon of the church. The woman said something to the church members that upset the members caused them to scream and yell. The deputy asked the man and woman to both leave at which time they did. On June 17 Katie Lauren Culp, 17, Buckhead was arrested and charged with speeding, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane and possession of marijuana. According to reports, Culp was stopped on Greensboro Road for allegedly speeding.

Following the stop, an officer located a small amount of suspected marijuana in the vehicle. On June 17 a terroristic threats and acts complaint was filed at a Old Buckhead Road locaton. According to reports, a woman said that when she arrived home in the morning, a man who she allows to live in a barn was drinking alcohol with her father. The woman said she told the man that drinking alcohol was not allowed he needed to find another place to live. The woman said the man told her he would burn the barn down before he moved out and that he would bash the woman’s brains with a hammer. The woman said the man did not possess a hammer when he made the remarks but that she feared for her safety and that of her father.

On June 16 Alexandra Michelle Stewart, 18, Rutledge, was arrested and charged with battery. According to reports, an officer arrived at a Brownwood Road residence and spoke with Stewart. Stewart said she had arrived at the residence to confront a woman who was there with her grandfather. Stewart said the woman owed a friend of her’s money. Stewart said she entered the residence and located the woman sleeping in a bedroom. Stewart said she woke the woman up, confronted her regarding the money and then struck her several times in the face with her fists. Stewart said the woman threatened to call the police and she told her she would call them herself. The woman said she had been prepaid by someone to acquire Percoset pills and since she had not yet acquired the pills she had not delivered the merchandise to the client.

She also said she wanted to press battery charges against Stewart. On June 16 Melvin Harold Hubert, 59, Eatonton, was arrested and charged with improperly passing a bicyclist and driving while license suspended. According to reports, a deputy observed Hubert driving a red Ford Ranger pickup truck pass a bicycle within three feet while the bicycle was on the Parks Mill Road Interstate 20 overpass. On June 16 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at the downtown Bostwick ball field. According to reports, a man allegedly damaged a fence at the ball field after he lost a game of “home run derby.” Witnesses said the man shook the fence and jumped on it after losing the game.

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