Pretty busy around this old farm home-place

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We are pretty busy around this old farm home-place these days what with things in our garden and other people’s gardens coming in.  We’ve been canning beans, making pickles and putting up a little blackberry jelly!  All of these things will be great to just go and get out of the pantry this winter, but, I will be honest, I don’t think the blackberry jelly will make it that long!  Maybe we can find some more!!  Raegan and Maggie have been my good helper’s with all of this.  Raegan’s mama wanted some beans canned in pints because a quart is just too many with the three of them for a meal.  After I had canned a batch of pints, I asked Raegan, “Do you think that is enough for you all, it doesn’t look like too many; I’m just not sure.”

She piped up, “Oh yes, Grandma, that is plenty, I just eat a number.”  “A number?”  I asked, looked quite perplexed, “What do you mean “a number??”  “Oh, I just eat 3 or 5, or maybe 8 or 10 beans, depending on what Mama tells me to eat.”  I laughed and said, “Well, I guess you all will have enough then!!”   I thought, heavens above; these children!!  And then Maggie cracked me up one day, too.  We were working on things from the garden and I said, “Is your other grandmother (who they call Noonie) getting things out of her garden yet.  She said, “Yes, she is getting squash, some corn, and bikini.”  I said, “Bikini??”  She went on to describe it for me and I said, “Oh, you mean zucchini!!!”  She said, “Oh yeah, I think that is what it is!”  Never a dull moment!!  But I love it!!  We all want to send out a big congratulations to Alaina Maddox and James Warbington who were married on this past Saturday evening at Madison Baptist Church.  Alaina is the daughter of John and the late Sharon Maddox and the granddaughter of Mrs.

Carolyn Maddox.  James is the son of Sandy and Jim Warbington of Vienna and the grandson of Drucilla Malcom of Bostwick.  After honeymooning in St. Lucia, Alaina and James will make their home in Vienna where the groom is engaged in farming with his family.  We all wish them the best and many years of wedded bliss. Congratulations also go out to Garrett Vick of Godfrey and Brianna Alexander of Covington as they were married in a lovely ceremony at Antioch Baptist Church on Saturday evening.  We wish this couple the very best also! We also want to wish Johnathan Voyles a very Happy Birthday as he celebrated turning 10 years old this past week.  He enjoyed having several birthday celebrations with his family, the Lee Eaton’s, his grandparents, and also a swimming party with his friends.  Happy Birthday, Johnathan!

We also want to congratulate China Colley as she graduated from high school this past Friday night at her school in New Jersey.  China is the daughter of Holly and Chad Roling of Swords and Lee Colley of New Jersey.  Holly and her grandmother flew up to attend the ceremonies and then China returned home with them to spend several weeks here with family.  Congratulations, China!  We wish you much success in this new chapter of your life.  We also want to wish. Ellen Bruce a very Happy Birthday as she celebrated one this past week with family and friends.  On Sunday afternoon, she and Esther Curry enjoyed some shopping and eating out.  Happy Birthday, Ellen!  Antioch Baptist Church in Godfrey reports having wonderful and God-filled revival meetings last week.  On Wednesday night, Sean and Debbie Gallagher’s daughter, Sarah, brought the special music where she sang and played a song dedicated to her Uncle Dean Strange, who is and has been battling many health issues.

It was very touching.  After the services that night, everyone enjoyed a delicious home-made ice cream social.  Jack and Karen Lindsey enjoyed vacationing at St. Simon’s and Cumberland Island for several days recently.  Dale and Howard Thompson attended the Grand Chapter of Georgia Order of the Eastern Star in Macon recently along with several friends from the Madison Chapter #335.  Phyllis and Jerry Bolton, David, Lisa, and Elizabeth Johnson, Barbara Ewing, Amanda Coker, Jim and Debi Goodman, Carl Stewart, and Berta Jordan were among those attending.  Carl was elected Association Grand Patron to serve the Grand Chapter for the next year.  The Chapter is very proud to have him serve.  Shannon Porter celebrated her birthday this past weekend with family and friends down at her parents Lake Oconee home.  Ben Porter is gearing up for his first show this coming weekend.  Gloria and William Crew attended the 75th wedding anniversary of her aunt and uncle, Ethel and Charlie Walker, in Monroe on this past Saturday.   Ethel is the last living sister of Gloria’s mother, Mrs. Lewis Thurmond.

That is a long time!!  A big congratulations go out to the Walkers’!  Effie Powell is running a regular bed and breakfast and acting as tour guide for all her guests that she seems to have on a regular basis. They couldn’t ask for a better hostess and guide!   This past week Doug’s sister, her daughter, and the daughter’s three friends who have all just graduated from high school plus the sister-in-law’s friend.  She said the van was FULL!!  They were planning on going to Venice, Florence, Rome, Pompeii, Pisa, Milan and Sorrento with all kinds of stops in-between!!  The girls even swam in the Mediterranean!

What a trip!!  Franklin and Stacy Eaton and their girls visited with Mary and Frank Eaton on Saturday afternoon on their way back from their beach vacation.  We are also so thankful and glad that Wendell Hettrick was able to come home today (Monday) after his heart surgery.  He has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but is doing great! I also just heard this morning that David Dix, the son of Glenn and Joyce Dix, passed away this past weekend.  David grew up for the most part here in the Fairview community.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of his family during this time.

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