Democratic Party holds fundraiser

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

Election season will be here before you know it and, for the Morgan County Democratic Committee, it was the perfect time for a breakfast fundraiser. On Saturday June 28 the Morgan County Democratic Committee hosted a breakfast at the Calvary Baptist Church. The morning began with breakfast catered by Brenda Massey and a welcome given by Madison city councilwoman Chris Hodges. “I just want to inspire, I want to encourage you this morning,” said author Lisa Green. Green begun the mornings speeches with a reading from her new book Love Psalms. Her goal in sharing the poems from her book was to empower people for success. Patsy Harris then took the microphone encouraging the guests to sign up to volunteer with campaigns or with the Morgan County Democratic Committee. Harris encouraged attendees to vote early beginning June 30. Calvary Baptist Church’s Rev. Hoke Smith led the group in praying for the country and its leaders. Democratic candidates or their representatives had a chance to address the crowd.

Bobbie Paul and Clarke Orr spoke on the behalf of Michelle Nunn who just returned to her home from an extensive tour through Georgia. If elected Nunn will become the first woman senator from Georgia. “She is bright and wants to serve,” said Michelle Nunn volunteer Paul. Orr, told the group that there are plenty of opportunities for residents to get involved in the Nunn campaign. Ken Dious who is running for the 10th district of U.S. Congress then spoke. He said that this day in age a congressman is going to have to be different person. Dious localized his campaign properties by talking about education and getting more students into schools like UGA as other areas in Georgia. Patsy Harris again took to the stand talking about her campaign for Georgia House district 112. One of Harris’s points was about how all children should have the opportunity to go to pre-kindergarten and prosper and thrive. Donald Harris who is running unopposed for Morgan County Commissioner was recognized. Daniel Blackman served as the keynote speaker for the breakfast. Blackman was described as powerful and eye opening speaker by Patsy Harris.

Blackman is running for Public Service Commissioner. As he began his speech he worked to encourage the group of democrats telling them that they have to be excited and that this is an important time in the state. Blackman feels that the state of Georgia has been going in the wrong direction over the past decade. He also said that he can’t win the state with just securing the votes in Atlanta but needs votes from people across the state. He now feels like the state has a promising future. Blackman said that “money doesn’t vote at polls people do.” As he worked through his speech he encouraged the crowd to get involved. He said that as supporters they need to call and encourage people to vote. Another important aspect is to know and learn about the different candidates. “We need to be unapologetic about being Democrats,” said Blackman.

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