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On June 29 a recovered trailer report was filed at a Eatonton Road location. According to reports, a man said he had located his 1996 utility trailer at the same location it had been when it was stolen. The complainant said the trailer had suffered damage and that the items that had been on the trailer were still missing. On June 29 an aggravated assault complaint was filed at a Sulgrave Drive apartment. According to reports, a woman alleged that a man who lives across the hall from her asked her to read his shirt. The woman said when she told the man she did not care about his shirt, the man pulled a pistol from his waistband and pointed it at the woman. The man was located at the Budget Inn and was searched but no weapon was found. The man told officers that the woman had a grudge against him ever since the woman’s son was arrested.

On June 30 a robbery and battery complaint was filed at the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman stated that while she was with her brother in a room at the motel with the door open, six black males ran into the room looking for a person. The woman said her brother fled the room and tripped and fell and the six men surrounded him and punched and kicked him and took his pants. The woman said she jumped on her brother to shield him from the blows. The brother, who is wanted in Morgan County, had left by the time officers had arrived. On June 26 a larceny from auto complaint was filed at the city of Madison Fire Department, North Main Street, after a man reported that on two separate occasions someone entered the fire station and removed a Motorola radio from a fire engine.

The two radios are valued at $2,200. On June 27 a simple assault complaint was filed at a Micha Way location after a man alleged that a woman attacked her 85-year-old mother. The woman told officers that the mother suffered from dementia and behaves violently when she does not take her prescribed medicine. The officer noted that there was no apparent signs of abuse and that the woman who allegedly attacked her mother was confined to a wheel chair. On June 27 a larceny from wallet complaint was filed at the Coach and Buggy Car Wash, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a man waved down an officer and gave him a wallet he said he had found at the car wash. The wallet’s owner was contacted and told the officer that his wallet had been stolen from his vehicle.

The man was told that the wallet was found at the car wash and the wallet’s owner said he thought now that he had left the wallet on top of a control mechanism at the car wash and forgotten the wallet. The man said $100 was missing from the wallet. On June 29 Ryan Anthony Mangham, 37, Madison, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. According to reports, officers were called to the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road, with a report of a man attempting to kick open a room door. When officers arrived Mangham said he and his girlfriend had an argument and she had locked him out of the room and he had attempted to get a second key to enter. Witnesses said Mangham attempted to enter the room through a broken window. He had blood on his arms and there was blood on the window, reports state. Mangham also had a probation warrant for his arrest out of Lawrenceville.

The girlfriend could not be located for questioning. On June 29 a simple assault and threat to injure person complaint was filed at Morgan Memorial Hospital after a man alleged that he had been attacked on Green Meadows Drive. According to reports, the man said another man across the street from him asked him to come to the street. When he got to the street, the complainant said, the man struck him in the head and the two fought until the complainant’s girlfriend stopped the fight. The man said the other man then went into a Green Meadows residence and retrieved a pistol and pointed it at the complainant. The second man told authorities that the complainant had been in the yard punching a paper plate with his fists. The second man then said the complainant called him an (expletive, expletive, derogatory racial term) and told the man he was going “kick his (expletive).

The man said he then punched the complainant and the two fought briefly in the yard. On June 24 a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at the Budget Inn, Eatonton Road. According to reports, a woman said a female neighbor had attempted to force her way into the complainant’s room while she was in a drunken state. Several people at the motel alleged that the woman in question was loud and disorderly when she was intoxicated. The drunken woman’s roommate was interviewed and was loud and was attempting to incite the crowd during the interview. The drunken woman was located nd was “extremely intoxicated and mostly incoherent” during the interview. She was warned that she would be arrested if she did not calm down. A day before the same woman alleged that the drunken woman had threatened her with a gun but on that incident the drunken woman told officers that the complainant was upset because she would not share prescribed medication and that she did not possess a gun.

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