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On June 29 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Waterstone Farms subdivision, Buckhead location. According to reports, a man stated that someone had stolen two man hole covers from the subdivision. On June 29 a verbal dispute was filed at a Seven Islands Road, Buckhead, location. According to reports, a woman said a woman who was staying with her was not taking her medicine, was suicidal and would not leave the location. The woman told the officer she was not suicidal but that she had no where to go. The complainant agreed to allow the woman to stay for a few more days. On June 29 a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Seven Island Road, Buckhead location. According to reports, a man alleged that his ex-wife was at his residence and would not leave.

The ex-wife said she was at the residence attempting to collect her belongings but that she had to go through items before they could be packed and the process was tedious. Neither party could produce court documentation regarding how long the woman had to retrieve her items and both parties were advised to pause and allow the woman to return to complete the job. On June 29 a hit and run driver complaint was filed at the intersection of Fairplay Street and Main Street in Rutledge. According to reports, a man on a motorcycle allegedly struck a bike ridden by a 9-year-old child as the child was attempting to cross the street on the bike. The child told officers that the man waved him across the street but then struck his front tire, causing him to jump off the bike.

The child was not injured and witnesses said the incident was accidental and that the motorcycle rider stayed briefly but became nervous and fled. The man was described as having a handle-bar mustache and was riding a Harley Davison motorcycle. On June 28 Ruby Elaine Mancini, 36, Madison and Tara Matava, no age, no address given, were both arrested and charged with burglary. According to reports Mancinin and Matava both entered a Spears Road residence while a woman was sleeping. While the women were in the residence several other people arrived and, one man said, located Mancini in his bedroom.

The man said Mancini was his former girlfriend and initially attempted to attack him with a glass Dolphin sculpture, but he disarmed her. The man said Matava was in a closet wearing camouflage clothing and proclaiming that she was in the military. Both women were asked to leave the residence but refused, reports state. Both women appeared intoxicated, witnesses said and smelled of alcoholic beverages. The Spears Road residents called 911 and Mancini and Matava left the area in a burgundy minivan and allegedly told the complainant that “I’ve got a bullet with your name on it!” On June 26 a burglary complaint was filed at the Morgan County Landfill, U.S. Highway 441. According to reports, a landfill employee said someone had entered a locked shipping container and removed two air compressors and two backpack blowers used by employees at the landfill. On June 27 a driving away without paying for gas complaint was filed at the Country Store, Bostwick Highway. According to reports, a man said an older white female driving a beige SUV attempted to use a debit card for gasoline but that the card was declined.

The man said he turned the pump on anyway and the woman pumped $87.90 worth of gas, cleaned her windshield and then left. On June 26 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Seven Islands Road location. According to reports, a woman said in the morning her ex-boyfriend came to her and her husband’s house and knocked on the window. The woman said the ex-boyfriend left without incident but that the husband during the day became enraged over the event and drove with the women to the ex-boyfriend’s house that evening to “get things resolved.” The woman said as she was getting out of the truck her husband grabbed her and pulled her back in the truck so she left and went to a friend’s house and called the police.

On June 26 Michael Justin Porter, 26, Madison, was arrested and charged with entering an auto. According to reports, Porter was arrested after a Monticello Road residence reported that someone had entered his white 1997 Ford Expedition and removed a Sony Xplod radio. On June 25 a burglary complaint was filed at a Bethany Road Buckhead location. According to reports, a woman stated that while she was on vacation, someone had removed four bracelets valued at $11,500 from the house. On June 24 a 15-year-old male juvenile was arrested and charged with obstruction and unruly child. According to reports, the juvenile’s mother stated that after she had picked the child up from a Vine Street location at 5:45 a.m. she and the child had argued regarding him using her cell phone. The mother said she went to her bedroom and locked the door but the juvenile kicked open the door.

When deputies arrived the juvenile resisted and fled the Oil Mill Road residence and ran into a pasture a deputy chased the juvenile and convinced him to return to the house. At the house the juvenile attempted to flee again and was tased. He was then handcuffed, placed in leg irons and transported to the Morgan Memorial Hospital before being transported to Sandersville Youth Detention Center.

On June 24 a verbal domestic dispute complaint was filed at an Atlanta Highway location. According to reports, a deputy arrived and observed a man agitated and yelling on the front porch. The man told the deputy that a female, also sitting on the front porch, would not leave the residence. The man said the female had lived at the residence for nine years but recently had begun staying with men in Madison during the night and returning to the residence at 7 a.m. in the morning. The woman said she had already agreed to leave but could not leave until Saturday when her trailer would be ready. On June 24 Michael Glen Nix, 40, address unknown, was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking. According to reports, a deputy patrolling the Nunnally Street area observed a guest house with a door open at a Nunnally Street residence. Upon investigation, reports state, he observed Nix and juvenile leave the residence. The deputy stated that he was aware of a stalking warrant regarding Nix and the same residence at which time he took Nix into custody. Another family member retrieved the juvenile.

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