Program seeks HPC’s help in identifying projects

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By Tia Lynn Lecorchick staff writer

The Transferable Development Rights (TDR) pilot-program in Madison is calling upon the in the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) to assist in designating candidates for the TDR program in the historic district. A TDR is a market-based ordinance, which would promote the voluntary transfer of growth from places where a community requires less development to places where a community would like to have more development. Environmentally-sensitive properties, open spaces, agricultural land, wildlife habitat, historic landmarks, or any other places that are important to a community are often the types of properties that desire less development, while areas close to jobs, shopping, schools, transportation, and other urban services are areas that are appropriate for extra development “The DDA is proposing a pilot TDR program for a small area of the Downtown Urban Redevelopment Area (DURA) flanking Highway 83,” explained Mollie Bogle, Madison planner.

The HPC will comb through a list of Madison historic properties and choose which ones should be designated as ‘sending parcels,” which means the owners could voluntarily sell their development rights to be used in areas seeking denser development. “It does create a small role for the HPC. Any Historic Landmark ‘registered’ by the HPC is eligible to be a sending parcel…The HPC may register any of the 38 Historic Landmarks listed in the Greenprint Plan,” said Ken Kocher, city planner. “Currently, the HPC is creating the Rules of Procedure for registering Historic Landmarks. They will then proceed to evaluate the list and determine properties to register.

Once registered, owners of the property have the opportunity to participate in the TDR program if they wish. The benefit to the Historic District and community, if the owners decide to participate, would be to preserve these properties intact,” explained Kocher. The HPC is looking forward to participating in this effort. “It is in our interest to get these realtors involved and know what is happening in our district,” said Eric Joyce, HPC member. “This is just another tool to be used to help preserve the open space within the historic district,” said Richard Simpson, HPC member.

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