1st Sunday at The Springs

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Greetings from The Springs! In the absence of Pastor Terrell, Rev. Pattman of Indian Creek Baptist Church did an outstanding job. His text for the morning came from Acts 27:21-26 and 28:1-6. Rev. Pattman explained that the Apostle Paul was on a journey to go before Caesar, but along the way he went through some challenges.

The guest minister went on to say that Paul was a praying man. Prayer will change your circumstances and also change you. Therefore, we should not worry because God is on our side and we are on the Lord’s side. When we take Jesus with us like Paul did, even if we get shipwrecked in life, we will reach our destination.

One final point that Rev. Pattman made was that as we are on our journey in life, the enemy can strike. In Acts 28:3, Paul was gathering sticks for a fire, “a viper came out because of the heat, and fastened on his hand.” Although he was not harmed by the snake, those around him, were expecting that he would swell up or suddenly fall down dead.” When the native people on the island of Malta saw this, they figured that this was Paul’s punishment for being a murderer. The more they watched though, they saw that no harm came to Paul and they changed their minds. The world is watching us also to see what we will do.

When the enemy attacks us, the world watches to see if we will keep coming to church or if we will keep treating others right. Paul should have died, but he had the Lord on his side. If someone can see the Jesus in you, maybe you can change their mind to live for Christ. The congregation really enjoyed Rev.Pattman’s sermon, but we will all be eager for the return of Pastor Terrell! Minister Derrick Worrell announced that there will be a basketball tournament in honor of the late Wayne “Bay” Brown on Saturday, July 12.

This event will be held at the Morgan County Middle School Gym starting at 11 a.m. In addition, there will be free health screenings as a part of this benefit. Proceeds will go to a scholarship fund in memory of Mr. Brown. Several members of the Class of 1991 will be there, so plan to support them. Sister Willie Ann Johnson gave me a note to share with you about her recent trip. She, along with Deacon Tommie Johnson, son Johnny and nephew, Melvin just returned from vacation at Amelia Island and Ferdina Beach, Florida.

They were visiting with Lisa, Alan and the girls and had a great time celebrating Deacon Johnson’s birthday. I think that she had lots of fun in the sun! I know it is short notice, but plan to spend a little extra time at USBC on next Sunday, July 13. Courtney Brooks, who is the former armor-bearer for Prophet Fredrick Collins, will peach his first public sermon at The Springs at 2 p.m. Minister Brooks has visited USBC several times with Prophet Collins and has accepted his call to preach the gospel. Often on Friday nights during the summer you start searching for something to do. I have the perfect thing. Watch the Atlanta Live Show on Friday, July 18th between 7 and 9 p.m. and you will see local author, Lisa Green promoting her recently released book of poetry, “Love Psalms, Understanding God Loves You.”

Visiting with us last Wednesday was Kendrick Smith who is now living in Missouri. He has finished his time as a member of the United States Army and was home for a short time. Even though he is headed back, he told me that he is considering moving back home to Eatonton. The church received a thank you card from Patrice Boswell on Wednesday, also. She has been living in New York for a month and says that work is going well. In her note, she especially wanted to thank the church for the prayers and support. I know that many of us will be happy when she comes home to visit! In Wednesday’s Bible Study, we received a lesson on salvation. Pastor Terrell stated that salvation does not come by performance but by faith and belief.

It is not by anything that you have done or can do. It is a gift. God made the way of salvation. Scripture references were Ephesians 2:8-10, Romans 10:9-10 and John 3:16. There was a question to learn more about wisdom and faith.

These are two “flavors” of the fruit produced by the Holy Spirit. Pastor Terrell said that we keep abiding in Christ by coming to church, coming to prayer and testimony, coming to intercessory prayer we will get more faith and wisdom. We will also get any other gift by abiding in Christ and asking Him. God Himself gets glory by giving you the gifts! In addition, we can get immediate wisdom in a situation. In James 1:1-8 we find the answer. You can get your wisdom by asking God. Our next Bible Study lesson will be on witchcraft. It’s more than the hocus pocus that we normally think of! We will start that study in two weeks and I know that it will be very interesting. Remember, since we are coming up to second Sunday, Prayer and Testimony night will be July 9th. Until, next time…Glory Be To God!

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