7,000 marijuana plants seized

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By Patrick Yost editor

A public tip led to the seizure of more than 7,000 marijuana plants in a densely wooded area between Georgia Highway 83 and Clack Road. Officers from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Department of Natural Resources and Madison Police Department converged on the property around noon. The two to three inch seedlings were seized and are currently being held as evidence. Morgan County Sheriff Robert Markley said had the plants grown to full harvest the crop, which was scattered in several small fields, would have netted more than $10 million to the growers. “It’s a large seizure for the region,” he said Markley said the discovery will increase the sheriff’s office and the Governor’s Drug Task Force awareness of possible grow operations in Morgan County. “If there’s one of these, chances are good there will be more,” he said.

Markley said investigators had seized evidence at the sites and were “actively working leads to identify the persons responsible.” He also said that local authorities had notified the Governor’s Drug Task Force regarding the massive seizure and that he hoped the activity would increase Morgan’s ability to get state aid to combat marijuana grow operations.

“This will aid our ability to get access to state resources to help us find other growth operations.” Markley said officers found the plants soon after they had been planted and that there was evidence that “led us to believe there were people (staying) on the property.” He warned property owners that this is the “start of the (marijuana) growing season” and that if a property owner noticed any suspicious activity on their land to call the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office Tip Line at 706 342 1000.

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